10 brands that fell the most in France in 2022

10 brands that fell the most in France in 2022

2022 was not, it is true, a good year for new car sales in France. Quite the opposite. However, some manufacturers have managed to do worse than the worst. Top 10 of the biggest falls of the year that just ended.

You probably already know that although we thought it was impossible to do worse than 2020 in terms of new car registrations, 2022 will have proved possible. On average, the sales of manufacturers decreased by 7.83% in France, but others managed to achieve a worse performance. Who are they? We have listed the 10 biggest crashes for the year 2022. Note that we have deliberately removed the list of brands with low sales (this is the case for example with Rolls Royce which sold 6 cars in our region last year) just to save. wholesale and high-end manufacturers, purportedly of wide spread.

A few nasty surprises

And we start with the smallest drop in this top 10 but still one of the biggest surprises of 2022: Citroën’s clear cut. Because it is one of the best-selling brands in our region (fourth in 2022, a little behind Dacia anyway, that’s historic!), the decrease of “only” 19.77% represents many models in the end. 32,000 fewer registrations compared to 2021 overall and all things being right. C4, still very young, is already in decline with sales falling by 31.3% (13,592 units). The C3 Aircross, although restyled, does not perform well with -22.2% (19,969 copies). The smaller version of the C5 Aircross, also reviewed last year, saw a 5.7% decrease in registrations (20,653 sales). The C3, still the brand’s number 1, does what it can but is at the end of its life. It also saw its sales drop by nearly 10%. And it is not the new C5 X that will change that situation. Although it may be original in its type and appeal to a certain audience, it remains a family sedan, a low-cost organization in France. A small consolation prize, it sold almost as much as the Peugeot 508: 3,337 against Sochaux’s 3,747 copies. So a good start.

Other brands that we did not expect here as they had become well used to us in recent years: Volvo and especially Suzuki. Registrations of the best-selling first among them, the XC40 SUV, decreased by almost 15.5%. Its 2nd best seller, the XC60, fell further with -21.6%. In the Japanese manufacturer, it is his No. 1 who ran in the hole. Suzuki sold only 6,479 Swifts in 2022, almost half the number of 2021. We can’t wait for the next generation and, luckily, it’s 2023!

But a lot of evidence

But, in most cases, it must be recognized that the results are less surprising. For the Seat, come on, maybe a little more because there have been minor innovations: the Ibiza and Arona have been restyled (very slightly). But it’s only for Cupra now. However, the 3,546 examples won by 2022 could not compensate for the more than 13,000 examples of Set lost during this period. And I’m not sure that the average basket, higher in the Cupra, is enough to compensate for the loss.

As for Ssangyong and Subaru, they are a shadow of themselves. They sell almost exclusive brands (like the one mentioned above). Salvation could come this year for the Korean, knowing that he has (finally!) been redeemed. But he should completely lose his name to become KG, to be confirmed soon. As for the Japanese manufacturer, we are still waiting to find out if solterra, the twin of the Toyota bZ4X, will land on our land. In Subaru, it is ecological malus which puts the KO brand In this year 2023, it is necessary to add 7,086 € to the final invoice to afford the smallest model of frequency delivery…

The top 10 manufacturers whose sales decreased the most in 2022

  1. Ssangyong: 18 registrations, – 81.25%
  2. Subaru: 28 registrations, – 58.20%
  3. Seat: 13,684 registrants, – 48.72%
  4. Jeep: 5,727 registrations, – 47.08%
  5. Jaguar: 1,093 registrations, – 36.38%
  6. Suzuki: 14,750 registrations, – 35.61%
  7. Lexus: 3,256 registrations, – 30.78%
  8. Land Rover: 4,372 registrations, – 28.07%
  9. Volvo: 13,515 registrations, – 21.81%
  10. Citroën: 129,883 registrations, – 19.77%

Source: AAA Data

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