10 fictional sins that made it into series production

10 fictional sins that made it into series production

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From: Simon Mones

The future of mobility belongs to the electric car. This does not protect against the sins of design, as these ten bad Stromers prove.

1/1010th place – Microlino: A German proverb says: “Goulash only tastes good when warmed.” This can also be applied to the Microlino, because the design is very reminiscent of the BMW Isetta. However, the offspring are not as good as the original. So the small electric car should get some fans. © Xinhua/Imago
Opel Rocks-e
2/109th place – Opel Rocks-e: Compact he is the Stromer mini from Rüsselsheim. But Opel Rocks-e is not so good. This may also be due to the fact that the front and back are not completely different. Unfortunately, this also applies to its twin, the Citroën Ami. Both electric vehicles can also be driven without a driver’s license. © Opel
BMW i3
3/108th place – BMW i3: With this “beauty”, BMW was one of the pioneers of electricity in 2013. The i3 nevertheless enjoyed great popularity. By the end of production in 2022, the electric car had been manufactured 250,000 times and was sold mostly abroad. © Wirestock/Imago
4/107th place – BMW iX: The new design language from BMW is different. That much is certain. However, this does not make for a very good car. The IX also comes with very large and compressed kidneys. Combined with narrow lighting, this makes for an amazing sight. © ZUMA Wire/Imago
Mitsubishi and MiEV
5/106th place – Mitsubishi i MiEV: Not only was the choice of name dug into the toilet, but also the design. In Germany, the i MiEV was only available until mid-2016. After that, only similar sister models Citroën C-Zero and Peugeot iOn were produced. In 2020 the trend was completely rejected. In 2011, i MiEV received the “best electric car” award. Another victory followed in 2012 in the “Replacement Storage” class. © YAY Image/Imago
Renault Twizy
6/105th place – Renault Twizy: Like the Microlino, the French is basically not a real car, but a small car. However, two seats are available in this position. Surprisingly, the Twizy is still being manufactured by – despite the fluctuating registration numbers. © Fotoarena/Imago
Citroën eMéhari
7/104th place – Citroën e-Méhari: We are used to questionable designs from the French, but this electric car looks really amazing. As the name suggests, the model was the Citroën Méhari introduced in 1968. However, the revival was not entirely successful. So, 2019 ended again. © Citroën
8/103rd place – Hotzenblitz: In the early 1990s, some clever people in Hotzenwald came up with the idea of ​​building an electric car. It should be modern and environmentally friendly. The result was Hotzenblitz. However, Stromer did not make it into series production because the Hotzenblitz-Mobile company had to file for bankruptcy in 1996. Several attempts to continue production failed. In recent years, however, there have been repeated reports that company founder Thomas Albietz is working for Hotzenblitz and Treffen Zukunft GmBH. © TZ – MPF Working Group GeoPart GmbH & Co KG
Tesla Cybertruck
9/102nd place – Tesla Cybertruck: The electric pickup was presented at the end of 2019. However, the Cybertruck has not yet made it into series production. Tesla promises that things should start in 2023. Whether it actually comes to that remains to be seen. It won’t be the first time production has been postponed. Also because there were always adjustments. Visually, Cybertruck isn’t very impressive. © UPI Image/Imago
electric Kar K5M-2500
10/101st place – electricKar K5M-2500: This unusual looking electric car can be purchased from the Asian online retailer Alibaba. For the equivalent of 2,387 euros. And up to 66 km, the electric K5M-2500 is not a miracle of range. © Alibaba

It’s a well-known fact that design is a great topic of discussion, and that shouldn’t be different for the ten electric cars in this space. However, they didn’t win the beauty award, and in most cases that’s probably for the best. The viewer is most likely thinking: What went wrong here? Or: How can this get into series production? For some Stromer it ended quickly. Others were built over many years and found many buyers. However, some vehicles must first prove how they will be received by the customer.