10 Twitter tips and tricks

10 Twitter tips and tricks

In our series of 10 tips and tricks we’ve already seen a lot of apps, tools and social networks go by, but now it’s the turn of a social channel that’s getting a lot of attention: a lot. Twitter. A lot has changed, but at the same time a lot has stayed the same. With these 10 tips you can make your social media presence better and more interesting.

1. Love your profile

Previously, your avatar was always an egg if you hadn’t set it yet, but these days that’s no longer possible. Provide a good avatar plate, a good title and a good description of who you are or what you want to convey. Don’t be afraid to be specific either, although if you mention the company you work for, it is better to make it clear that your tweets are your thoughts, not those that represent the company you work for.

2. Tweet at the right time

Just like on other social networks, sometimes it is more appropriate on Twitter than the next to post something. If you tweet in Dutch and do it at 3 in the morning, you won’t get very far in terms of reach, but if you do it at prime time, you’ll probably have a lot more interaction. Opinions are divided about when exactly is a good time, but look at your own behavior, for example: when do you have time to check Twitter? This can also be used for people you want to reach.

3. Get Tweets ready

If you use Twitter for Business, you can, but you can also use a third party (if it still works after all the Twitter API problems): prepare tweets. This way you can make sure that you are still visible online during a holiday or a day off, for example. Even if you just sit in the sauna. Drafting tweets also puts less pressure on the kettle: it feels good when something is ready and you can focus on other things.

4. The influence that they can give an opinion

If you feel that a tweet might be a bit controversial and you don’t want haters or trolls, you can indicate who can reply to your tweet. You can indicate that only people you follow, mention or everyone can leave a comment. That’s very important, especially if you use Twitter for business and don’t want anything to get out of hand.

5. Think before you tweet

Everyone should do it, but the speed of Twitter sometimes makes you post tweets too quickly. That has two limitations. The first is that you shouldn’t tweet when you’re angry or upset: chances are you’ll feel very differently about it a week, or maybe even an hour later. Also, don’t forget that tweets can be seen by anyone. and it doesn’t disappear easily, so sometimes you don’t want to come as you are.

6. Think Before You Tweet II

The second part of “think before you tweet” is about the account you have. If you have an account with a Twitter Blue subscription, you can edit a tweet if you are in a hurry, but all other tweets, once sent, can only be deleted and cannot be edited. That can sometimes be difficult in a discussion (or if you just don’t want to make spelling mistakes), so wait a bit before posting and read it again with ‘fresh’ eyes.

7. Save the tweets you want to do something with

Some people have been making great threads lately: a series of tweets about the same topic, explaining something or giving tips. You can easily save tweets by clicking the ‘share’ button and choosing to add to ‘favorites’.

8. Regularly review the people who follow you

Maybe you’re really into old Ferraris and want to follow people from that world, but you already had your Twitter when you were an Alfa Romeo fan and that’s not your thing anymore. Then you can start liking Twitter a little, while the social media can do little about it. So go through the list of people you regularly follow and remove accounts that you don’t hear much about or that don’t work for you.

9. And to the people who follow you

It’s good to know who your audience is, so check regularly who is following you. That way you can still tailor your tweets to your audience (or make sure you don’t say certain things, if your parents or supervisors are following you, for example). Don’t forget that people may be online under other accounts, so tweet carefully anyway, but knowing what kind of people are following you can help guide your tweets.

10. Click close more often

There are so many new things being added to Twitter lately that it’s worth clicking once in a while. This way you can see that you can create a poll (it has been possible for a while, but still) and you also stay comfortable about what is possible.

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