A 102-year-old Italian has passed the test to get his driver’s license renewed. Born on May 6, 1920 in the Tuscan seaside resort of Viareggio, Mario Bonetti is allowed to continue driving his Fiat Panda because he is fit and can still see and hear well. Bonetti got his driver’s license more than 80 years ago, when Italy was still a monarchy.

“My uncle is very strong, he sees well, he is curious, he is intelligent and he also hears well,” said his niece Adriana Bonetti in an interview with the daily newspaper “La Nazione”. “He was completely calm during the annual driver’s license renewal test. The examiner only advised him to be very careful at all times. Mario, a retired engineer, drives his Panda every day on a route he knows very well. He only makes small trips within the area very small,” says the nephew.

In June, a 100-year-old Italian woman passed the test to renew her driver’s license. Candida Uderzo from Breganze in the northern Italian region of Veneto can continue to drive her Fiat Punto. A woman uses a car for small shopping in the city. He uses his bicycle to visit his 95-year-old sister Rita.

Italy is one of the oldest countries in the world. The village of Perdasdefogu on the island of Sardinia is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the municipality on the planet with the highest percentage of centenarians per population. Out of a total of 1,778 residents, eight natives and residents are 100 years old or older. So that’s over four hundred per thousand people.

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