15,000 km with the 2022 Skoda Superb: Here’s how my experience has been

15,000 km with the 2022 Skoda Superb: Here’s how my experience has been

As the 11th grade board exams concluded, a thrilling journey awaited, covering Aurangabad, Shirdi, and Pench National Park, and the entirety of the Samruddhi Mahamarg from Shirdi to Nagpur. The vehicle in use amassed a staggering 15,000 kilometers, with most of the miles earned from such expeditions. Notably, this one measured approximately 2200 kilometers, with a travelogue set for publication in the coming weeks.

The automobile has been performing exceptionally well. However, recently, a “replace key battery” alert materialized in the MID, necessitating the utilization of one of the spare keys. Furthermore, the previously fixed sunroof rattle resurfaced a couple of times during the excursion. Nonetheless, the rattle disappeared on its own, mitigated by turning up the music or activating sports mode, thus presenting no immediate cause for concern.

Regarding the PPF, work is yet to be completed, pending the cutting off of the parking sensors and headlight washers. Unfortunately, roadworks around the detailing shop hindered progress, leading to an unavoidable delay.

The expressway presented a mixed bag of experiences, with the Aurangabad to Shirdi section, an underwhelming display of tarmac, lacking the requisite tenacity to inspire confidence at the designated speed limit of 120 km/h. However, a few kilometers after Aurangabad, en route to Nagpur, the surface considerably improved, although it still paled in comparison to asphalt. Eventually, the world-class infrastructure shone, enabling the quick and efficient traversal of vast distances.

However, the expedition was not without its technical hiccups. While en route to Ellora, a “loss of tire pressure” alert triggered by screws embedded in two tires led to an immediate stop at a nearby repair shop, promptly fixing the issue. The following day, with extra time on their hands, the explorers visited an Aurangabad shop for wheel alignment and balancing, culminating in a unique and exciting demonstration by the proprietor, personally illustrating the intricacies of camber, caster, and toe.

In conclusion, despite the impediments encountered, the excursion was an incredible adventure, as exemplified by the capture of an underbody picture, albeit in cramped conditions, making for a challenging but ultimately successful undertaking.