182 luxury apartments in the heart of Dubai

182 luxury apartments in the heart of Dubai

The Bugatti Residence is a luxury building consisting of 182 apartments that will soon see the light of day in the heart of Dubai.

Could it be richer? Yes, and the answer is a five-minute drive from the future Bugatti Residence and not to mention the Burj Khalifa. But the new Bugatti Residence isn’t bad either.

If you have the riches of a Veyron or Chiron in mind, multiply by a thousand. This is how one can describe the absolute luxury of a building that bears the name of a French company. Commissioned by Emirati promoter Binghatti, this work will rise in the central district of Dubai, a five-minute walk from the Burj Khalifathe tallest building in the world which reaches a height of 828 meters.

Why not associate his house with his car?

The Bugatti residence will do everything so that you do not get lost, not by its height, which has not yet been announced, but by its original style of stability, and the type of double spiral.

Aesthetic judgments aside, this residence will include 182 fully furnished rooms, where nothing will be missing, starting with the number of m2. Just look plans get an idea.

Bedrooms as large as a standard apartment, dressing rooms that can accommodate the entire family, bathrooms with large showers, endless living rooms, etc. And that’s even before you go to the dunes with a view of Dubai center.

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The residence will offer several services: gym, sauna, private garage, club, servants, etc. In fact, each apartment can be customized as you wish. If you can choose the color of Chiron, why can’t you choose the color of the walls in your house, right?

The cost? The moral is always the same: if you have to ask, you certainly can’t afford it. It would certainly take several Bugattis to afford one of the rooms in this luxury residence.