184 hp Lexus UX 250h review

184 hp Lexus UX 250h review

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A reasonable adjustment

At first glance, you wonder what Lexus has changed in the UX 250h. We assure you, even we could not immediately notice where the subtle changes were. However, we are faced with the car and its style, not trying to draw another. The design of the house is recognizable among a thousand, and especially this characteristic grille.

Wheel arches marked with an asymmetrical design contribute to this futuristic SUV look. We almost regret not seeing the camera at the end of the glass railings. The taillight signature sets it apart further, with an illuminated strip connecting the two optics. In the land of Teufelsberg, a former NSA site dating back to the Cold War and since abandoned by urban artists, our UX 250h has found its place.

New 12 inch screen

On board, we also recognize the style that distinguishes Lexus from other manufacturers. Even hiding the logo, we would not consider it as another. The improvements here are more visible, like the larger 12-inch touchscreen. This touchscreen displays information that is easy to read. Sometimes we get lost in the menu, however it is a blow to take.

In terms of ergonomics, we play with the modes from the rotary buttons placed on the hood of the counters. These are digital, with a ring that moves based on the program selected. Show it! The rear seats are not easily accessible. The visibility of the bench seat occupants is also not the best. A trunk volume of 283 to 320 liters minimizes cargo.

184 hp, content consumption

In our urban environment, this new UX 250h offers the best. 4 cylinders with an electric block (109 hp) develop a total of 184 horses. Traffic instead of hydraulics suits this combination created by a specialist of the type perfectly. The flexibility is impressive, and the passages from one engine to another are invisible. The CVT transmission, however hated by many, works well here with this engine.

It serves precisely the consumption, which remains at a surprising level, at around 5 liters despite driving a car that was not environmentally friendly. Remember that we limited ourselves to the city. However, we do not expect spending to double down the road. In addition, the figures are better when driving more calmly.

A fascinating sense of comfort

We also don’t hate it when we raise our voices behind the wheel. His strong platform and direction are inspiring. In addition, it is very comfortable, beautifully erasing all the mistakes of the streets of Berlin. On this point, it easily surpasses many compact SUVs, which often choose compromises that offer less comfort than the UX 250h.

Rest assured, he still knows how to move when asked. It is confirmed by the time from 0 to 100 km / h implemented in 8.5 seconds. Good enough data for most situations, whether it’s entering the highway or crossing a bump in a climb. Without making too much of an athletic crossover, despite the F-Sport package, it has enough energy to spare when the need arises.

to shorten

Why rely on the Lexus UX 250h instead of another? First for its distinctive style and for its comfort, then for its driving pleasure and fuel consumption. A good copy, although not perfect because of its generous back and its lack of generous stem. Its entry price of €40,990 already offers a lot of equipment, but it’s still expensive, even in its competitive environment. Now we expect the full version of the 300 electric in a few weeks.

Pierrick Rakotoniaina