1965 Chevrolet Nova Rolls Out of the Barn With a Color You’ll Like

1965 Chevrolet Nova Rolls Out of the Barn With a Color You’ll Like

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Photo: eBay seller sbaisden

1965 was the year of the Impala, as Chevrolet’s full-size model broke another record and became the first car in the United States to sell more than 1 million units in a year.

However, the Nova was also more attractive to buyers in Chevy’s home market. Originally launched without a V8 engine, the Nova evolved into a little rocket on wheels, with the 1965 model year seeing the introduction of the smaller 327 engine.

It was the right choice for Nova SS buyers, especially after the car started its life with an aftermarket upgrade to V8 engines.

A 1965 Chevy Nova (not wearing SS tags) landed on eBay a few hours ago with an interesting promise. It wants to be a perfect 10 if it can find the right owner, with seller sbaisden claiming the car was pulled by their father from a barn in West Virginia.

The owner posted a detailed description of the car on eBay, so if you’re interested in buying this Nova, I suggest you check it out before bidding. Give them a clear explanation, especially when they share clear pictures and lots of information about known flaws.

I won’t comment too much on what the eyes can see and the specifics shared, so I’ll stick to the paint and the engine.

The owner says Nova previously received a response with a finish called Candy Apple Red. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this color was not available on the 1965 Nova (although Chevrolet used it earlier in the decade on the Impala). The only red finish was Regal Red, which is very different from the supposed Candy Apple Red.

The spray paint was a do-it-yourselfer’s job, so the car shows some dings, scratches and paint issues that the collector would want to address as part of another modification.

The engine under the hood is a six cylinder that starts, runs and drives. The car is “almost roadworthy,” and the brakes need immediate attention.

Otherwise, the Nova comes in decent shape and seems to be the starting point for someone who wants to bring the 1965 model into top shape. Of course the Nova SS would need more, but the condition of this four-door model is good enough for a simple modification.

The seller has been published car on eBay with no reserve, meaning the highest bidder will take it home when the battle is over. The starting bid is $4,000, but no one has entered the race so far, perhaps because they plan to see it in person. If you also want to see this Nova in person, you must travel to Olmsted Falls, where the Nova awaits the end of the auction (scheduled to take place in five days).