1982 Lamborghini Marco Polo – A Guide to the Car Behind the Future

1982 Lamborghini Marco Polo – A Guide to the Car Behind the Future

The only Lamborghini Espada, LM 002 and Urus Lamborghini with more than two seats? Not if it were up to Italdesign, which presented this concept car at the Bologna salon in 1982 under the name Marco Polo (not to be confused with the Mercedes campers of the same name …), which could be the successor of the Espada (or forerunner of Estoque)

The Lamborghini Marco Polo was a 2+2 coupé model with two large doors hanging from the roof and a remarkable refinement for the time. He could open with a Cx of 0.24. Its body was therefore more aerodynamic than that of the Countach, a sports coupé that graced the list of the manufacturer from Sant’Agata Bolognese at the time.

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Marco Polo was also considered more reasonable than the last one, which featured Marcello Gandini. Giorgetto Giugiaro’s design had nothing to do with Lamborghini. In fact, it was an evolution of the DeLorean DMC-24, a concept car commissioned by the Irish-American manufacturer from Italdesign, which in turn was inspired by the Lancia Medusa that the coachbuilder had presented at the Turin salon two years earlier.

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When DeLorean went bankrupt, Giugiaro redesigned it a bit and used the Lamborghini logo in sympathy with the bull brand. The wheels were even copies of the famous DMC-12, on which the covers were installed for the occasion. Italdesign proposed a Marco Polo with a Lamborghini V12 up front, but we really don’t see how it would fit under that thin, slippery hood. 4,625 mm long and 1,870 mm wide, but only 1,300 mm long Marco Polo was not a driving model, but only a fashion observation.