20 years later, this is what the cast of the series looks like today

20 years later, this is what the cast of the series looks like today

Lisa, Carole, Stéphane and Veronica have been born multiple generations of horse lovers. Young women and their on-screen partners marked the 2000s with their roles in Full ring. What happened to the actors and actresses that the audience had to say goodbye to in 2009? Their respective functions may surprise you !

Lara Jean Marshall was part of three girlfriends respected in Full ring. It has retained its infamous reputation, allowing today to be displayed as influential on social networks. At the same time, he continued his acting career, mainly in Australia. In 2013, he was featured in the series The Secrets of Doctor Blakeamong others.

Three female lovers who marked the generations

Keenan MacWilliam, aka Carole Hanson, has ended her acting career. However, he did not draw a line under the world of 7ᵉ art. He is currently a director and creative director and works on many film and artistic projects. Among his achievements? It works for famous brands and institutions such as Apple or New York Times.

Sophie Maude Bennettwho played Stéphanie Lake, also finished him quickly acting career. In the question, problems to help the pressure related to between the movies. However he played in 2012 in the Australian series Seven News. Today, he is seen as a influencer and Lifestyle Youtuber. Finally, he works simultaneously as a director and producer in Toronto.

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The main actors and actresses of Full ring they have changed a lot

Heli Simpsonactor behind Veronica DiAngelo, is the one whose work is the most obscure. After his character blow in Full ring, the young woman made the choice to leave the cinema. He graduated from doctor and now works at Mercy Hospital for Women in Melbourne, Australia. The young woman, however, did not completely leave the area. He was also part, for several years, of a comedy group called ” Boss Octopus as revealed Topito.

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A professional re-orientation for these main characters

Kristi Cavanaughplayed by Kia Luby was among the characters that the audience has they enjoyed being hated. He played the best friend of Veronica, the enemy of the main characters Full ring. If he acted in movies like Molly in 2016, he finally made a career change. He is today Marketing Manager. He has also done animation on TV sets and is involved in Driving for the Disabled Associationriding club for people with disabilities.

Brett Tucker played the role of youth the owner Pine Hollows. It is one of the only actors of Full ring which has been able to repeat itself in another American shows. Fans of the series could see it NCIS, Atypical Where Castle. He currently plays Lucas Ripley on the show. Grey’s Anatomy: Episode 19. Finally, he did the voice of Singed in the latest Netflix series Arcane.