2,000+ HP Nissan Patrols: Nothing special in Dubai

2,000+ HP Nissan Patrols: Nothing special in Dubai

You probably know the movie, Nissan Patrols plowing into a sandbox that bears the name Dubai. Now we have found a video in which all these types of cars come together.

CB Media dignitaries traveled to the Dubai area and found the most crazy creations in front of the camera there. of the 2,400 hp Nissan Patrol and twin-turbo V6 under the hood, but there are even 2,500 hp Nissan Patrol on video!

You can know White Patrol from somewhere…

You may know the first patrol, that is the copy that completely lost the Porsche 918 Spyder in The Grand Tour. And where this Patrol covers half a mile at a top speed of 220 miles per hour, or 352 miles per hour, we now understand how that is possible.

But as mentioned, this video includes more than a few patrols, also consider the highly fuel R32 GT-R, the Toyota Supra which, along with the larger engine, also has two bottles of nitrous oxide on the trunk, the Corvette. C7 with full carbon body, R35 GT-R and even Huracan Performante which cuts 326 kilometers per hour within 800 meters.

In other words: sit down and have fun!

Source: CB Media