20,000 Model Y produced: the ramp at Tesla in Texas should be faster than in Germany

20,000 Model Y produced: the ramp at Tesla in Texas should be faster than in Germany

The Tesla Giga Factory in Texas celebrated its grand opening two weeks later than the German one in Grünheide, and the subsequent production upgrade also seemed to be much faster in Germany than in the USA: for a factory near Berlin. Tesla reported 1000 produced Model Y for the first time three months after the official launch per week, for Texas it took two more months. In reality, however, the second US gigafactory is said to be starting faster than Germany’s.

20,000 Model Y from the Tesla factory in Texas

Because on Sunday Tesla announced on Twitter that 20,000 Model Ys have been produced at the Texas factory so far. As has been the custom for some time, the key message was illustrated by a photo of happy workers near the Model Y (see above). The achievement of 1000 electric cars in one week from the latest gigafactory was only announced unofficially in mid-August. But a month later Tesla had previously reported 10,000 Model Ys from Texas. In the nearly six weeks that have passed since then, according to the news, an average of about 1,700 a week have been added.

According to keen observer @TroyTeslike, this also means that the Texas factory took much less time than the one in Germany to produce 20,000 Model Ys: according to his calculations, it took 151 days in the USA, while the Gigafactory near Berlin took 187 days. . For the German factory, Tesla reported in early October that they produced more than 2000 Model Ys in a week for the first time they have not released the total figures so far.

Tesla should have surpassed this mark in Texas by now. According to @TroyTeslike, the surprising discovery that the ramp in this giga factory is faster than the one in Germany depends, among other things, on the information that production in Texas did not start at the beginning of April with the cyber rodeo. official opening, but only at the end of May. According to his information, this may be Model Y shipment from new US factory to realize, which only began to increase at a later stage in time.

The Giga Factory in China is the fastest so far

Instead of about seven months, it would have been in operation for about five months and it would have taken much less time to reach the first Model Y 1000 in one week and 10,000 and then 20,000. According to @TroyTeslike, however, the two new giga-factories in the west aren’t happening as fast as in China before: Tesla’s factory in Shanghai began deliveries in early 2020 first from the Model 3 and then according to its data it took only 100 days to produce 20,000 of them.

Two new factories in the West were planned to produce Model Ys in a new design with 4680 battery packs as part of the supporting structure, but they are currently using conventional ones. In Germany it should According to Tesla, Model Y production and design batteries will still be in production in 2022. to begin with, but which are likely to come from BYD.