2012 Infiniti Emerg-e Dhana – AutoGuide’s Back to the Future

2012 Infiniti Emerg-e Dhana – AutoGuide’s Back to the Future

Like the prestigious Nissan subsidiary, Infiniti wanted to grow and become a viable alternative to the great Germans. And to supply those burning sensations needed, it developed a hybrid sports car. The Infiniti Emerg-e was first shown at the 2012 Geneva Vehicle Exhibition and became one of the most popular. Thanks to its lovely silhouette, which shone brightly without resorting to gaudy destructive work. The aerodynamic enhancement that the body wore served mainly to cool the electric train.

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In the center of the rear of the Infiniti Emerg-e was a 1.2-liter gasoline engine, which served as an extension for the electric power train. For the car, the hybrid sports car relied on two electric motors mounted on the rear wheels with a system output of 402 hp, maximum torque reached 1,000 Nm. Although the Nissan Emerg-e weighed about 1.6 tons, it did not take 4 seconds to run from 0 to 100 km / h. However it boasted an average CO2 emission of 55 grams per kilometer. With electricity alone, the Emerg-e could reach approximately 40 miles, and the full Nissan fuel tank had a driving distance of more than 500 miles.

Lotus Evora

Nissan did not start from blank paper. After all, the Infiniti Emerg-e built on the technical foundations of Lotus Evora 414 E Hybrid from 2020, a model in which the British sports car manufacturer discovered the potential to combine good performance with tons of driving pleasure and low fuel consumption. . . That also means that the Infiniti Emerg-e was not an empty concept car, but could also be a real car. In 2013, AutoGids editor Steven Appelmans briefly stepped behind the wheel of a hybrid sports car. What was he thinking at the time?

“You immediately realize that this was an architectural exercise, because the Infiniti Emerg-e is a useless food piece. The hybrid athlete gets very hot under load and needs a cave certificate if you also want to climb and leave decently. shutting down on Alcantara-bound sports seats and looking at a dashboard designed with high technology, is a lot of fun.

Acceleration is brutal and uninterrupted speed is severe, which compensates for the lack of engine sensitivity. It remains a strange concept, especially when the three-cylinder begins to rotate independently of the pedal input to provide extra battery and juice. At the same time, Lotus’ genes provide the needed sense of control, precision and grip, for Infiniti Emerg-e to fulfill its sporting ambitions. “

2012 Nissan Emerg-e Hybrid Concept