2022 Pagani C10: V12 biturbo or 100% electric

2022 Pagani C10: V12 biturbo or 100% electric

Horacia Pagani downloads the first details of the C10, as the project name of Pagani’s successor Huayra is referred to internally. The first copies should be ready in 2022, but the edition is now completely sold out. It would be a series of 300 pieces, each copy will have a price tag of 4 to 4.5 million euros. Hopefully we’ll see a bigger car soon too.

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The Pagani C10 will be powered by a V12 biturbo, 6 liter block of AMG origin. In the latest versions of the Huayra, this power source is good for more than 800 hp and 1,100 Nm of torque. You still have the choice between a manual and a sequential gearbox.

Electric: Mercedes EQ or Lucid Motors?

According to Pagani, the 6-liter supercharged V12 will meet emission standards until 2026. But if you want to play it safe, you can also order a 100% electric model. It remains to be seen which drive unit the electro-C10 will get: there is talk of AMG specifications for the EQ powertrain that Mercedes introduced at the Munich IAA on Mercedes AMG EQS 53.

Other sources put their money on Lucid Motors, a US startup targeting the Tesla Model S and the new, ambitious Air. Inside of The performance version is that Lucid Air good for a peak power of up to 1,111 hp. Horacio Pagani has said that he thinks 900 hp is actually more than enough, so it could be a slightly reduced rear version with a smaller battery.

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