2022 SVE 750HP Xtreme Off Road: Chevrolet Colorado Modification

2022 SVE 750HP Xtreme Off Road: Chevrolet Colorado Modification

Colorado-based 2022 SVE 750HP Xtreme Off Road
Two floors with high power levels

Special Automotive Engineering offers a new tuning program for the Chevrolet Colorado. Take not only the power, but also more of the road.

The specialty of the house of Special Vehicle Engineering (SVE) is actually taking pictures from the General Motors group – as well as possible for these commercial vehicles of the ladder shape – suitable for the race track. With their new 750HP Xtreme Off Road model based on the 2022 Chevrolet Colorado in its ZR2 all-wheel drive version, the team from Toms River, New Jersey, is going against the grain. The flatbed truck, which is solid by American standards, as usual from SVE, has increased its power. But it also grows and becomes more roadworthy thanks to several steps.

Not four or six, but eight cylinders

But let’s start with the increased performance, the core competence of SVE which also comes as a surprise. It does not depend on one of the engines available in the base model, which is 184 hp and a maximum of 500 Newton meters with a powerful 2.8-liter four-cylinder diesel engine or a 3.6-liter V6 gasoline engine with 312 hp and up to 373 Newton meters . No, the SVE puts the Colorado ahead of the 5.3-liter V8 gasoline engine known from its big brother Silverado, which produces 360 hp and a maximum of 518 Newton meters in its original form.

Special Automotive Engineering

The SVE replaces the R4 diesel or V6 petrol engine found in the production car with a 5.3 liter V8.

But of course it does not end only with engine replacement. The Americans build their engine on a new aluminum block, which also has an improved compressor. In addition, the V8 gets a new crankshaft, forged connecting rods and pistons, and CNC machined cylinder heads. There is also a new high and low pressure fuel system with new injectors, an air-water intake system and a stainless steel exhaust system with dual tailpipes. SVE’s efforts are rewarded with values ​​that befit its status: 760 hp and up to 813 Newton meters. A new engine cover rounds out the performance improvements.

Ten centimeters higher than before

To get the Xtreme Off Road model name, Chevrolet Colorado received lifting equipment that raised the body by more than ten centimeters. The DSSV electronic control and adaptive cruise control system, which is standard on the ZR2, adds SVE and new controls. The eight-speed automatic case and drive shafts are strengthened, as is the braking system, which works on the front axle with six piston calipers and 345-millimeter discs. The 8×18-inch off-road rims are always painted black and have a bead ring in vehicle color or gunmetal gray upon request. SVE wraps them in chunky 295/70 Nitto Recon Grappler tires.

The 2022 750HP Xtreme Off Road is always built on a 4-door Colorado short deck crew cab because the base ZR2 model is only available in that configuration. Customers can choose any color offered by the old works, which are combined with attractive decorative elements in the loading area. The black hood on the production car is painted in the same color as the car and is complemented by black grille inserts. There are also wide plastic brackets with several badges and inscriptions, one of which is located on the crossbar on the radiator grille. The roll bar, which extends completely over the tail lift, reaches its highest point directly behind the cabin. If desired, it can carry a spare wheel and can also have additional optional LED lights. For extra money, the platform truck can also be equipped with an automatic extension assist.

Leather seats on request

Inside, the SVE offers leather-trimmed seats in two colors available at an extra charge, which are complemented by contrasting red and white stitching and Xtreme V8 Supercharged logos on the headliners. The interior gauges are rounded off with new floor mats, key fobs and a plaque on the dashboard that shows the car is only 50 gauge. Special Vehicle Engineering has not yet announced pricing.

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It’s unusual for SVE to maintain a Chevy Colorado; Americans usually go first in the big Silverado a. But with its new heart, including great power and promising off-road tricks, it doesn’t need to hide against other tough pictures.