2024 Cadillac LYRIQ Review, Release Date, Pricing, and Specs

2024 Cadillac LYRIQ Review, Release Date, Pricing, and Specs

The Cadillac Lyriq 2024 has officially arrived, and it made its grand debut in style. Unlike traditional car unveilings, this electric SUV burst onto the scene during the Oscars. The moment the Lyriq rolled onto the stage, it captured the hearts of all those in attendance. It was love at first sight.

Now, the world waits in anticipation as the Lyriq takes center stage on the streets. With its futuristic design and cutting-edge technology, the Lyriq is a game-changer in the world of electric cars.

Orders for the 2023 model year opened in the USA on May 19, 2022, and soon the Lyriq will make its way to Germany. While details about the official start of sales and prices remain shrouded in mystery, one thing is clear: The Lyriq is here to stay.

So buckle up, and get ready for the ride of your life. The Cadillac Lyriq 2024 is set to revolutionize the way we think about cars, and it’s only just getting started.

Get ready to take a ride into the future with the stunning Cadillac Lyriq 2024. This sleek and sophisticated electric vehicle is built on GM’s revolutionary new platform, the Ultium, which offers an impressive range of battery modules from 50 to 200 kWh. With the flexibility to build custom battery packs depending on the vehicle’s body shape, the Ultium platform is truly a game-changer.

2023 Cadillac Lyriq production version

Whether you’re cruising through the city streets or exploring the great outdoors, the Lyriq’s high-ground clearance is ready for any adventure. And thanks to the intelligent design of the Ultium batteries, the Lyriq delivers a maximum range of over 400 miles (equivalent to 644 kilometers). With a 200 kW quick charge, you can power up and hit the road in no time.

Step inside the Lyriq’s luxurious interior and experience the pinnacle of automotive innovation. From state-of-the-art technology to premium finishes, every detail has been crafted to perfection. The Lyriq is more than just a car – it’s a statement of style and sophistication.

100 kWh battery for up to 502 kilometers

Get ready to hit the open road in style with the Cadillac Lyriq 2024. This stunning vehicle boasts an impressive twelve battery modules with a total capacity of 100.4-kilowatt hours, ensuring a smooth ride for up to 312 miles (502 kilometers). And when it’s time to refuel, simply pull up to a CSS fast charging port located on the left-hand side of the vehicle, just behind the wheel arch. With a maximum charging power of 190 kilowatts, you’ll be back on the road in no time. Plus, charging up at home is a breeze with the Lyriq’s ability to handle up to 19.2 kilowatts. Say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to the ultimate driving experience.

2023 Cadillac Lyriq production version
The maximum charging power of the Cadillac Lyriq should be 190 kilowatts.

Step into the future with the Cadillac Lyriq 2024, a true electric powerhouse. With an electric motor that boasts a staggering 345 horsepower and a maximum torque of 440 Newton meters, this GM creation is a force to be reckoned with. But, the all-wheel-drive version takes it up a notch with an extra electric motor on the front axle, packing a mighty system output of 507 horsepower and a maximum available torque of 610 Newton meters. This version even has a towing capacity of nearly 1.6 tons, making it the ultimate ride for thrill-seekers and adventurers alike.

Like the study, so the production car

Not only is the Cadillac Lyriq an electric dynamo, but it’s also a sleek and futuristic beauty. The production version, measuring 5 meters long, 2.21 meters wide (with mirrors folded out), and 1.62 meters high (with a wheelbase of 3.09 meters), stays true to its concept study. It features a crossover SUV with an intricately contoured side view and a coupe-like roofline. The striking front grille is black and crystal-like, featuring split lighting units with vertically arranged daytime running lamps and slim LED main headlights arranged horizontally. And let’s not forget about the rear lights, which are cleverly integrated into the D-pillar.

But wait, there’s more! The intensity of the Lyriq’s recuperation can be customized by the driver, ensuring an even more personalized and thrilling driving experience. Get ready to turn heads and leave a lasting impression with the Cadillac Lyriq 2024.

Cadillac Lyriq as a concept study

Cadillac Lyriq

The Cadillac Lyriq 2024 is a vision of automotive artistry. Its sleek bodywork boasts flush door handles and a bold chrome strip running along the windows. The rear roof section elegantly transitions into a spoiler, while the massive rear window commands attention with its flat design. And with a choice of 20 or 22-inch rims, this masterpiece offers customization at every turn.

Inside with huge screen

Step inside and be enveloped in luxury. The five-seat interior draws inspiration from the new Escalade, featuring a curved, 33-inch LED screen that can display augmented reality and over a billion colors. The user interface is completely customizable, adapting intuitively to the driver’s needs and mood. Laser-etched decors adorn the wood and metal applications, adding a touch of refined elegance.

But the Lyriq isn’t just about style – it’s practical too. With 793 liters of trunk space with five seats and the option to expand to a whopping 1,722 liters, this beauty offers versatility for any adventure. So why settle for an ordinary car when you can indulge in the extraordinary with the Cadillac Lyriq 2024?

The Cadillac Lyriq 2024 is here, and it’s redefining luxury electric vehicles. With a sleek design and state-of-the-art technology, the Lyriq is ready to take on the roads. But what sets it apart from the rest?

Let’s start with the Super Cruise driving system. It’s not just your average semi-autonomous driving feature. The Lyriq can change lanes on its own and even park itself – and you can control it remotely. No more circling around for parking spots or worrying about parallel parking.

But the Lyriq doesn’t just make driving easier – it makes it quieter too. With anti-noise technology, the exterior noise is countered by the sound system. And speaking of sound systems, the Lyriq’s 19-speaker system will make every ride a concert experience. With some of the speakers even located on the headrests, you’ll be surrounded by premium acoustics.

Small price reduction with a lot of equipment loss

Now, you might be wondering about the price. While Cadillac had originally aimed for under $60,000, the 2023 model year started at $62,990 for the base rear-wheel drive version. But trust us, the Lyriq is worth every penny. So why settle for a lower-end electric vehicle with less equipment when you can have the Cadillac Lyriq 2024 – the epitome of luxury and innovation on the road?

2023 Cadillac Lyriq production version
According to Cadillac, the “Debut Edition” was sold out within ten minutes.

The highly coveted Cadillac Lyriq 2023 model has already flown off the shelves in the USA, leaving fans across the pond in Germany eagerly anticipating its arrival. But the good news doesn’t stop there – for the 2024 model year, General Motors has announced an even lower entry-level price, making this sleek and stylish vehicle more accessible than ever before.

Gone are the days of steep prices and empty pockets – the new Tech base model starts at a mere $58,590 (€54,761), a reduction of 2.33 percent from the previous model year. This may not seem like much, but in a world where car prices are skyrocketing, every penny counts. To achieve this, Cadillac has streamlined Lyriq’s equipment, shaving off $1,400 (1,309 euros) in the process.

Some features that were once standard are now optional, like the driver assistance system package and adaptive headlights. But for those who can’t live without these extras, they can be added on via the surcharge list, which comes with a fee of $4,000 (3,739 euros). It’s a small price to pay for the ultimate driving experience, and American customers are slowly but surely getting used to these charges for a car that’s worth nearly $60,000.

The Cadillac Lyriq 2024 is not just a car, it’s a lifestyle. With its cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and unbeatable performance, it’s no wonder it’s already sold out in the USA. So what are you waiting for? Get in on the action and experience the future of driving today.

The Lyriq Sport edition boasts an impressive 368 kW (500 hp) and rear-wheel drive, priced at a reasonable $63,190 (59,061 euros). For ultimate control, opt for the all-wheel drive version for $66,690 (62,332 euros). But for the ultimate driving experience, indulge in the top-of-the-line Sport 3 model for $74,590. Unleash your inner speed demon and feel the rush of the Lyriq Sport coursing through your veins!

2023 Cadillac Lyriq production version

2023 Cadillac Lyriq production version

Tennessee instead of Michigan

The Cadillac Lyriq 2024 has found its home in the rolling hills of Spring Hill, Tennessee. After careful consideration, General Motors invested a staggering two billion dollars into the plant to ensure the Lyriq’s production runs smoothly.

Originally destined for the Hamtramck plant in Detroit, GM’s change of heart means the Lyriq now shares its manufacturing space with the highly coveted Origin Cruise model and the electric GMC Hummer EV. This e-SUV is set to make waves on the road and in the factory, ushering in a new era of automotive innovation.

The 2024 Lyriq is an exquisite representation of Cadillac’s future, a manifestation of the brand’s most iconic luxury sedans. Whilst many competitors strive for swift acceleration and dexterous handling, the Lyriq is content to glide, an attribute that we deem the brand’s loyalists will revere as they trade in their aging DTS sedans and SRX crossovers to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle.

One must note that this machine is not adorned with a Blackwing badge. The Lyriq rests upon GM’s Ultium scalable battery architecture, a technology that it shares with the formidable GMC Hummer EV pickup truck. However, the two are fundamentally distinct. The Caddy’s dapper design bestows it with a rakish appearance, while its interior is far more luxurious.

A sleek digital display initiates behind the steering wheel and effortlessly segues into an infotainment display in the center of the dashboard. The estimated driving range is a competitive 308 miles per charge, and every Lyriq is equipped with DC fast charging capability, an indispensable feature that capitalizes on America’s burgeoning public EV charging infrastructure.

Where This Vehicle Ranks

The illustrious and grandiose Cadillac Lyriq of 2024 has taken the world by storm, ascending to unprecedented heights of luxury and opulence. While other vehicles, such as the BMW iX and the Rivian R1S, may attempt to rival its grandeur, they pale in comparison to the breathtaking majesty of the Lyriq.

One might assume that such grandeur comes at a cost, and they would be correct in that assumption. However, the starting price of the Lyriq, at $58,590, is a mere pittance compared to the Audi Q8 e-tron and SQ8 e-tron, which begin at $87,000 and $98,000, respectively. Even the Genesis GV60, though a formidable competitor, cannot quite match the Lyriq’s combination of elegance and affordability.

To put it simply, the Cadillac Lyriq is a shining beacon of automotive excellence, towering above its rivals with grace and style. It is a vehicle that must be seen to be believed, and one that will undoubtedly leave an indelible impression on all who have the privilege of experiencing it firsthand.

What’s New for 2024?

In a grand display of vehicular opulence, Cadillac has refined the Lyriq lineup for the year 2024. The discerning driver will be pleased to discover a trifecta of trims, each ascending in equipment and luxurious accouterments. The introductory model, known as Tech, features a singular motor of electric persuasion, capable of a formidable 340 horsepower. However, the estimated range of this model has diminished from 312 miles per charge to a still-impressive 308 miles.

The next trim, the entry-level Luxury, incorporates a litany of irresistible features, sure to delight even the most fastidious motorist. Finally, the apex of this triumvirate, the top-spec Sport, dons a savage and unapologetic exterior, including a unique grille treatment and darkened chrome trim.

Discerning connoisseurs of the road may inquire as to the pricing of each variant. Fear not, for we shall elucidate. Tech shall retail for $58,590, while Luxury will demand a slightly more indulgent sum of $62,690. Finally, the peerless Sport, the unrivaled champion of this automotive triad, will be available for $63,190. The spectrum of prices spans from ten to one hundred thousand dollars, allowing every automobile enthusiast to fulfill their lavish desires.

The majestic and awe-inspiring CADILLAC LYRIQ 2024, a chariot of opulence and advanced technology!

At its base price, the Lyriq’s single-motor Tech trim is graced with a grand, curved 33.0-inch digital dashboard display, offering unparalleled panoramic views of the vehicle’s inner workings. As a testament to its superior intelligence, it also features wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing for seamless connectivity to one’s digital realm.

Moreover, this wondrous vehicle features a wireless smartphone charging pad, enabling effortless charging on the go. A fixed glass roof provides a magnificent view of the heavens above, while 20-inch wheels and faux leather upholstery exude refinement and luxury.

However, if one desires the utmost elegance and convenience, one must ascend to the mid-range Luxury trim. This ascent unlocks the splendor of customizable ambient interior lighting, illuminating the cabin with a plethora of radiant hues to suit one’s mood. Wood interior trim exudes an air of sophistication and class, while a heated steering wheel and front seats provide warmth and comfort during colder seasons.

With the addition of adaptive cruise control, one can enjoy a seamless driving experience. Moreover, this trim unlocks the availability of several desirable options, including Cadillac’s Super Cruise hands-free driving system, which allows for an unparalleled, intuitive driving experience.

To fully realize the potential of this vehicular masterpiece, one must spring for the 500-hp Dual Motor AWD model, a true force to be reckoned with. With its astounding 3500-pound towing capacity, it can haul even the heaviest of loads with ease.

EV Motor, Power, and Performance

The awe-inspiring Cadillac LYRIQ 2024 boasts a standard rear-wheel drive form, outfitted with a 340-hp electric motor on the rear axle. Although this entry-level setup delivers adequate acceleration and a responsive drive, it regrettably lacks the same exhilarating power that we see in its rival SUVs, such as the BMW iX and the Model X.

Our rigorous test-track evaluation recorded that the rear-wheel drive Lyriq clocked in at 60 mph in a swift 5.7 seconds – a commendable feat, yet trailing behind that of its EV contenders. The optional 500-hp dual-motor all-wheel drive powertrain injects a second motor at the front, propelling those wheels forward, and we eagerly anticipate testing this model for more electrifying acceleration.

Unfortunately, the Lyriq’s road manners are not poised to satiate the adrenaline-fueled desires of driving enthusiasts. While its handling remains stable and competent, it doesn’t quite deliver the same thrilling experience when pushed to its limits. The steering is nicely weighted but lacks the tactile feedback that discerning drivers crave, and the brake pedal could use a bit more finesse as well.

Fortunately, Cadillac has devised an aggressive regenerative braking system, which facilitates effortless one-pedal driving, making it possible to slow down merely by lifting off the accelerator pedal in most everyday driving scenarios.

2024 cadillac lyriq

The ride quality is smooth over well-maintained roads, but over rougher stretches of terrain, the suspension may be somewhat too firm for some. As we continue to push the limits of this majestic vehicle, we shall endeavor to provide updates on its performance and capabilities at our esteemed test track.

Range, Charging, and Battery Life

The Cadillac LYRIQ 2024 is the pièce de résistance of General Motors’s Ultium EV battery technology, a revolutionary advancement that was unveiled just last year. With its groundbreaking scalability, the LYRIQ can accommodate batteries ranging from 50.0 kWh to a staggering 200 kWh, though the largest size is reserved solely for the grandiose EV pickup trucks like the GMC Hummer EV SUT.

At its core, the LYRIQ boasts an impressive 102.0-kWh battery capacity, providing drivers with a remarkable driving range of up to 308 miles per charge for the single-motor model and 307 miles for the dual-motor variant. In a test of its capabilities on the open road, the single-motor LYRIQ demonstrated its sheer power and endurance by clocking a jaw-dropping 270 miles before requiring a recharge.

Charging this technological marvel is a breeze, thanks to its standard DC fast charging capability and ability to charge on any home power outlet. All in all, the Cadillac LYRIQ 2024 is a veritable masterpiece of EV technology, representing the pinnacle of what can be achieved when innovation and engineering are brought together in perfect harmony.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPGe

The magnificent Cadillac LYRIQ 2024, is a rear-wheel drive marvel that astounds with its exceptional fuel economy. The Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that the Lyriq boasts an impressive 92 MPGe in the city and 82 MPGe on the highway. And yet, even with our lead-footed inclinations, we managed to record a noteworthy 72 MPGe in mixed driving. For those curious to learn more about this incredible feat of engineering, we encourage a visit to the EPA’s website to peruse the Lyriq’s fuel economy data.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

A rich-looking interior treatment gives the Lyriq an upscale flair. Metallic brightwork is intermingled with open-pore wood on the door panels and center console. A large storage tray on the floor between the driver and front passenger is lined with bright blue leather upholstery, which serves as a cheeky pop of color.

Although the concept vehicle was shown with just four seats and a center console that divides the two front and two rear seats, with a touchscreen for the rear seat passengers, the production Lyriq has adopted a more traditional rear bench seat.

The absence of a gasoline engine certainly helps create a quiet cabin, but the Lyriq also employs advanced noise cancellation technology to reduce road noise. The interior is spacious, but the cargo room isn’t as generous as in other SUVs and Cadillac hasn’t integrated any storage under the hood.

2024 cadillac lyriq interior

Infotainment and Connectivity

In the realm of luxurious vehicles, the Cadillac LYRIQ 2024 reigns supreme. The dashboard is an impressive masterpiece, much like the esteemed Escalade, boasting a colossal 33.0-inch curved advanced LED touchscreen. This technological marvel serves dual purposes, serving as both the SUV’s infotainment system and the driver’s gauge display.

The infotainment system is a veritable feast for the senses, accessible via a click wheel on the center console – a truly laudable feature for those who aren’t fond of touchscreens. With standard amenities including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a Wi-Fi hotspot, one can be sure that their driving experience will be nothing short of spectacular.

The LYRIQ’s auditory offerings are equally impressive, thanks to a resounding 19-speaker stereo system crafted by the high-end audio experts at AKG – a feature present in all models. Truly, the LYRIQ is a wondrous marvel of modern engineering, one that promises to deliver the ultimate driving experience to even the most discerning of automotive enthusiasts.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

The Cadillac LYRIQ 2024! This magnificent vehicle is endowed with a plethora of driver-assistance features as standard, but the brand’s Super Cruise hands-free driving system requires a subscription, adding to the already luxurious experience.

If you seek enlightenment regarding Lyriq’s crash test results, look no further than the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) websites, where you will find a treasure trove of information.

As for safety features, rest assured that this exquisite automobile is equipped with standard automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection, as well as standard lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist. But wait, there’s more! The LYRIQ also offers available adaptive cruise control with a hands-free driving mode, taking your driving experience to new heights of opulence.

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

The Cadillac LYRIQ 2024, a magnificent SUV of comparable size to its peers, the XT5 and XT6, which offers an unparalleled powertrain warranty that outshines even the most luxurious of people movers. Rest assured, dear consumer, as Cadillac currently endows its illustrious LYRIQ with the first dealer maintenance visit, however, it should be noted that its competitors, such as the Jaguar I-Pace, boast longer periods of complimentary maintenance.

Behold, the limited warranty envelops the esteemed LYRIQ for a period of four years or 50,000 miles, providing a sense of security for those who seek the epitome of automotive excellence. Meanwhile, the powertrain warranty reigns supreme, protecting this masterful machine for a period of six years or 70,000 miles, further cementing the LYRIQ as the apex of automotive prowess.

Furthermore, let it be known that the LYRIQ provides complimentary maintenance for its initial visit, ensuring that this vehicular masterpiece remains in immaculate condition, worthy of the prestigious Cadillac moniker.


The resplendent Cadillac LYRIQ 2024, is a paragon of mid-motor, rear-wheel-drive opulence, befitting five passengers within its spacious, four-door wagon confines.

In the realm of financial considerations, the base and as-tested price of this veritable masterpiece stand unyielding at $62,990.

Under its polished hood, the LYRIQ boasts of a permanent-magnet synchronous AC motor that engenders a Herculean 340 horsepower and a formidable 325 pound-feet of torque. This is made possible by its liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack, exuding a capacity of 102.0 kWh, all while ensuring the efficient transmission of power via direct-drive technology.

Such a magnanimous feat necessitates a suspension system that is worthy of admiration, and the LYRIQ doesn’t disappoint. Its multilink suspension, both fore and aft, makes for a ride that is nothing less than sublime.

A vehicle of this caliber also demands that its braking system be equal to the task, and the LYRIQ’s vented disc brakes, measuring 12.6 inches at the front and 13.6 inches at the back, leave no doubt as to its stopping power. It’s also fitted with Michelin Primacy All-Season tires, measuring a robust 265/50R-20 107H M+S TPC.

Lastly, the LYRIQ is no shrinking violet in terms of size, as its generous dimensions of 121.8 inches for the wheelbase, 196.7 inches for length, and 77.8 inches for width command the respect of all onlookers.

And so, the Cadillac LYRIQ 2024 sets the bar high for its contemporaries, a majestic automobile that is a thing of beauty and joy forever.

The magnificent and prodigious Cadillac LYRIQ 2024, is an automotive marvel that commands attention and admiration with its imposing dimensions. The wheelbase stretches an impressive 121.8 inches, while the length spans an astonishing 196.7 inches. The width is a formidable 77.8 inches, and the height reaches a lofty 63.9 inches.

This automotive leviathan boasts a passenger volume of 107 cubic feet, providing ample space for occupants to luxuriate in comfort, while the cargo volume of 28 cubic feet enables easy transport of luggage and other essentials. The curb weight of this automotive titan is a staggering 5642 pounds, a testament to its uncompromising build quality and engineering prowess.

The Cadillac LYRIQ 2024 does not disappoint in terms of performance, as evidenced by its blistering test results. The 0-60 mph sprint is accomplished in a mere 5.7 seconds, while the quarter-mile is covered in 14.3 seconds at an astonishing 99 mph.

The century mark is achieved in a paltry 14.7 seconds, while the 130 mph mark is breached in 18.3 seconds. These results do not include the 1-foot rollout, which adds a mere 0.3 seconds to the equation. The rolling start from 5-60 mph is completed in a swift 6.1 seconds, while the top gear range of 30-50 mph is dispatched in a mere 2.3 seconds, and the 50-70 mph range is conquered in 3.2 seconds.

The top speed is a commendable 118 mph, as limited by the government. Braking performance is equally impressive, with the 70-0 mph distance covered in 191 feet, while the 100-0 mph distance is covered in 387 feet. The road-holding capability of this automotive colossus is a remarkable 0.80 g, as measured by the 300-foot skidpad test.

The Cadillac LYRIQ 2024 is not just a high-performance machine, it is also environmentally conscious, boasting an observed fuel economy of 72 MPGe, and an impressive highway range of 270 miles at 75 mph.

The EPA fuel economy numbers are equally impressive, with a combined rating of 89 MPGe, a city rating of 97 MPGe, and a highway rating of 82 MPGe. This automotive wonder truly represents the pinnacle of automotive excellence, offering unparalleled performance, luxury, and environmental responsibility.