2024 Tesla’s 4680 Battery Sets New Standards Like Cybertruck

2024 Tesla’s 4680 Battery Sets New Standards Like Cybertruck

The inauguration of the revolutionary Tesla 4680 battery cells has been successfully achieved. However, the exponential amplification in mass production is slated for the approaching year. These new 4680 battery cells surpass their predecessor generation in magnitude and are designed to grant Tesla with unmatched energy density while constraining its expenses. The debut of this new era of batteries was proclaimed by Tesla on Battery Day 2020, yet it was not accomplished until two years later, in 2022.

Numerous queries concerning the production of these novel battery cells and their integration into Tesla models were raised by investors during the recent Tesla financial results meeting held on January 25. This provided an opportunity for Tesla to scrutinize this critical matter.

By the end of 2022, a meager 1000 battery packs will be generated weekly. On the same day, Tesla disclosed a massive investment of over 3.6 billion dollars to expand its factory in Nevada, with the purpose of manufacturing 4680 batteries and a Tesla Semi. These two subjects are interconnected, as the colossal Tesla Semi batteries comprise 4680 cells.

Presently, these new cells are fabricated in plants situated in Austin, Texas, and Berlin. The present production capacity is insufficient to provide batteries for the entire Tesla range, as it can only furnish 1000 cars per week. This level of production is incongruous with the 1.3 million cars that Tesla produced in 2022.

By 2023, production will be escalated across multiple sites. It is noteworthy that only one line is operational at the Austin, Texas factory out of four plausible production lines. However, the remaining three lines are scheduled to be operational by 2023.


Tesla battery pack manufacturing // Source: Tesla video capture
Inside the factory. // Source: Tesla video capture

Elon Musk and his esteemed Vice President, Andrew Baglino, have expressed with utmost conviction that the year 2023 will be the pivotal moment in the breakthrough and advancement of novel battery production, opening the doors for a momentous surge in mass production in 2024.

Tesla’s trademark efficiency and intelligence is evident in the meticulous execution of battery fabrication plants and assembly of vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Strategic decisions have been made to install these batteries in the Model Y assembly plants in Austin or Berlin, while Example 3 and the presently constructed Model Y in Shanghai are excluded from this privilege.

Tesla Cybertruck by Elon Musk in April 2022 // Source: Video Tesla
Tesla Cybertruck by Elon Musk in April 2022. // Source: Tesla video

The highly-anticipated release of the Tesla Cybertruck, set for 2023 at the Austin Gigafactory, is entirely contingent upon the inclusion of the revolutionary 4680 cells. The Cybertruck’s production would be rendered impracticable without them, rendering any attempt to initiate mass production before 2024 futile.

The production of batteries remains a critical bottleneck for Tesla’s assembly line, creating a global constraint on the production of all their models. Elon Musk himself has acknowledged this impediment to investors, stating that “Our ability to mass-produce lithium-ion cells is severely limited.” Therefore, any notion of transferring batteries from one vehicle to another only adds needless complexity without any corresponding increase in yield. Any attempt to remedy the lithium-ion battery scarcity dilemma by amplifying the intricacy of production is ultimately in vain.

Additionally, the costs of acquiring raw materials – notably lithium – are pivotal to the fortunes of Tesla and the pricing of its models in the diverse markets they serve.

4680 cells assembled in a Tesla battery pack // Source: Tesla
A 4680 cell assembled in a Tesla battery pack. // Source: Tesla

The emerging iteration remains securely stored within Elon Musk’s compartmentalized storage units, as he depends on the ground-breaking 4680.

When an investor inquired, Elon Musk elaborated on the numerous forthcoming discoveries, scheduled for 2023, encompassing a range of new products. However, the early stage of these developments prevents any premature disclosure.

Elon Musk further clarified that the launch timing of the products must coincide with the availability of necessary cells, or use the cells without compromising the reserves of existing vehicles. This significant dilemma obstructs the progress of new models and eliminates any other obstacles.

Tesla Roadster // Source: Tesla
Tesla Road. // Source: Tesla

On the first day of March in the year 2023, Tesla’s top-tier leadership held their maiden meeting, strategically coinciding with an imminent gathering with investors, to impart the latest updates on the conglomerate’s forthcoming ventures. Anticipation ran high, with the question on everyone’s mind being whether they would bear witness to the unveiling of the game-changing Tesla Roadster or a never-before-seen, pioneering vehicle design.