25 percent of Belgians want to drive an electric car…

25 percent of Belgians want to drive an electric car…

The electric vehicle market it is still young. On August 1, 2022, according to Stabel, the Belgian fleet was counted slightly more 71,000 100% electric vehicleswhich is still small compared to almost 6 million cars up our ways. However, this useless part can grow quickly, as well increase in one year up to 75%.

It is growth potential of electric car in Belgium is very important, because the tax on company cars strongly favors this type of car. A reading implemented by polestar (Volvo’s luxury brand) recently showed that just though 2% of Belgians currently drive an electric carin fact 23% intend to to buy a battery-powered car (based on a sample of 2,000 people).

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Discrimination continues to exist

According to polestar The myths surrounding the electric car continue. Often it is drivers preference, but when potential users take a test drive, they are immediately convinced. In addition, the increase willingness to buy up to 43% who has already gone electric.


That’s what it insists on polestar-studies that paradoxically the various drivers (who travel more than 20,000 km per year) who say they are ready for this change. Under the restrictions mentioned in the transition to the electric car, the purchase price which is considered too expensive (57%). It is also about freedom and lack of payment centers (20%), while 12% of respondents believe that this electric car is not a sustainable product from an ecological point of view.

A sustainability perspective

However, 56% of respondents say so the green aspect of the electric car important in their purchase motivation. We also see that 18% point lower operating costs (even if that will change with current energy prices), while 17% see future mobility in an electric car. This forward-looking feature probably explains why the new generation (18-34 years) seem to be more motivated to make a change. On the contrary, people over 55 are more reluctant (48% negative opinion).

Manifestation, la voiture électrique gagne du terrain dans l'inconscient collectif...

Place of residence also seems to play a role. In big cities people are more positive about the electric car, maybe because they are directly involved and face pollution. That’s how it counts Brussels twice as much drivers who use electric cars and 63% of people prefer these cars.

Diesel sinks more

Manifestation, la voiture électrique gagne du terrain dans l'inconscient collectif...

at the same time diesel seems to continue to decline. According to statbel the number of cars with this type of engine is decreasing a little more every year, and this since 2015 (after the Dieselgate thing). Of the 5.94 million vehicles on the road, 2.42 million diesels would remain on August 1, 2022, or 7.6% less than in 2021.

The petrol cars benefit from this shortfall, as their share has increased (+2.3% in 2022, up to 3.02 million). Hybrid cars also benefit of context: they represent 6.3% of the mix and their share has increased by 45% in one year.