25 years ago the Concept A model debuted at the Geneva Motor Show

25 years ago the Concept A model debuted at the Geneva Motor Show

Especially 25 years ago Opel revealed the example to the whole world Opel A concept. This car stood out for its innovative approach and high performance, as well as hosting a modern eco-engine capable of using two different fuels. An example featured an engine that could run on two types of fuel, gasoline and methane, ensuring very low production. To ensure a smooth ride, the driver can activate the turbocharger with a simple touch of a button, compensating for any energy loss when switching from gasoline to methane.

Opel A Concept: 25 years ago the beginning of the model that anticipated the Opel Agila

Although it was lighter, more compact and used less fuel at medium speeds, this engine ensured performance comparable to that of larger displacement engines. Opel Concept A can reach the speed of 162 km / h and methane (160 km/h with gasoline) and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 11 seconds flat (11.5 seconds with gasoline). Once the methane tank was depleted, the engine management would automatically switch to gasoline. With a full tank of methane, the car gave a range of 200 km, while a 25 liter tank of petrol allowed it to go further. 425 kilometers of travel.

Inside the Opel A Concept cabin, there was a good mix of materials and colors, with a digital instrument cluster and Alcantara inserts on the steering wheel and seats. In addition to front and side airbags, seat belt retractors and detachable pedals (an Opel patent), the model offered a range of equipment that included an electric sunroof and a satellite navigation system. A clever mechanism allowed both parts of the rear seat to quickly fold and disappear into the floor, creating a completely flat loading surface.

Submitted in the 1999 season and sold at the beginning of the following year, the first generation of Opel Eagle, essentially based on the Concept A model, was the first small car ever sold by a European automaker. In seven years, more than 440,000 units they came from a factory in Gliwice in Poland.

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