25th (!) Northwest 200 Winning for the Alastair Seeley / Tourist Trophy

25th (!) Northwest 200 Winning for the Alastair Seeley / Tourist Trophy

Northern Irishman Alastair Seeley won the first Supersport race in the Northwest 200. For him it is already the 25th victory in the biggest event outside of Ireland. No flag displayed by Julian Trummer.

For a long time on Thursday afternoon it seemed impossible to take the runners to the 14-kilometer triangle, which has two rounds and four rounds between the cities of Portstewart, Coleraine and Portrush, but over time. before the first Super sports race, the god of weather shows compassion and stops rain. Although the song is not in the best condition, the race managers decide to start the program as planned.

47 qualified pilots are allowed two cycles of heat to adjust to changing conditions compared to second-time exercises. Alastair Seeley, Adam McLean and Davey Todd are in the front line, followed by Michael Dunlop, Dean Harrison and James Hillier. column. Along with Austrian guest Julian Trummer, a German-speaking driver will also take part in the race. After his 22nd place on the grid, he is motivated to achieve good results.

Seeley wins the race in the first corner but loses the lead in a long straight run to the University corner for Todd, with Hillier just behind, who misses the closing point and bounces back. It is also Seeley who completes the first of six rounds in first place, followed closely by Todd. McLean is now third ahead of Jeremy McWilliams and Hillier. Trummer, who did not get out of line well, was 23 when the tournament was canceled due to an incident in one of the chicanes.

The race begins again after a long delay, with the distance reduced to four cycles. Some cyclists such as Michael Dunlop took the opportunity to make final adjustments to their bikes.

This time it is Todd who is leading the field. The Englishman manages to shake his followers off his slippery slope. Seeley, Hillier and McLean are trying not to be left behind. However, after the first round it was Seeley who was the first to cross the line. Todd back in front of McWilliams, McLean and Hillier. Pierre Yves Bian, the French overall winner of IRRC Supersport 2021, excels in sixth place ahead of Conor Cummins and Dean Harrison. Trummer is in 23rd place.

Seeley, who can use his experience especially on the beach road, and Todd can pull himself off a bit. Behind them, a second group of two people formed with McWilliams and McLean vying for last place on the podium. Cummins, Harrison, Hillier, Matthew Rees and Joe Loughlin are already behind with no hope. Bian received a ten-second penalty for going straight to the chane. Dunlop finished the race early. Trummer is also not available on the clock after the second cycle.

Before it enters the final round, Seeley has pulled himself out a bit. Todd has to relinquish his second place to the McWilliams after doing a brilliant braking with the former Grand Prix winner. McLean is making mistakes and he has to be thankful that he did not fall. But he can maintain his fourth place against Cummins, Hillier and Harrison.

Seeley can no longer take the victory. For experienced Mwairland, it is already 13th in the Supersport class and 25th (!) In total. Todd can still sit in front of McWilliams. McLean crosses the line in fourth place ahead of Cummins, Harrison, Hillier, Rees, Loughlin. Bian can take tenth place against fierce competition.

1. Alastair Seeley (NI), Yamaha, 4 cycles in 20 minutes: 09.426 2. Davey Todd (GB), Honda, 1.984 seconds. 3. Jeremy McWilliams (NI), Yamaha, + 5.976s 4. Adam McLean (NI), Kawasaki. 5. Conor Cummins (GBM), Honda. 6. Dean Harrison (GB), Kawasaki. 7. James Hillier (GB), Yamaha. 8. Matthew Rees (GB), Kawasaki. 9.Joe Loughlin (IRL), Yamaha. 10.Pierre Yves Bian (W), Kawasaki. Fastest turn: Seeley in 4: 58.348 minutes.

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