30+ cars with a new value of over one million in the Netherlands

30+ cars with a new value of over one million in the Netherlands

For the first time this week, the car was registered in the Netherlands with a new value of not less than four million euros. It is by far the record holder. But how many cars does the Netherlands currently have in exchange for more than one million euros?

It is difficult to answer the question directly. The new value in the Netherlands includes VAT and BPM. The final tax is only charged if the vehicle is registered in the Netherlands. For example, for Bugatti Chiron that means a difference of 192,000 euros, for Aston Martin Valkyrie still 182,000 euros.

Not all of the more than one million vehicles have a Dutch license number

The number of customers does not register their car in the Netherlands, as a result the car does not appear in the Dutch registration. There is not a single copy of the Ferrari Monza SP2 in the RDW summary, though a few are in Dutch hands. In addition, there is one Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 in the Netherlands, but no license number has been issued for the 3.5 million euro track, to keep it under radar.

More than a million euros

Of the existing Dutch cars with a new price of at least one million euros, 35 are currently registered. One of these has a price tag of more than four million euros, € 4,064,477 to be exact. It is the blue Bugatti Chiron with a variety of personal options, which should explain the price tag that has never been witnessed. The sports coupe is no less than four tons more expensive than the second most expensive Chiron in the Netherlands registration. It already shows that the car costs 3.6 million euros.

These are the most expensive cars registered in 2021

The Netherlands has six cars with a new value of three to four million euros. Five of them are Chiratti Chiron. Two of those sets are worth $ 3.6 million. The third copy is also more than 3.5 million euros, the other two being reduced to 3.4 and 3.2 million euros. The price of 3.2 million also depends on Aston Martin Valkyrie alone with a Dutch license number.

Ferrari LaFerrari tells the truth 281
Ferrari LaFerrari

The RDW registration system also has six cars in the two to three million euro unit. This includes only one Bugatti Chiron, priced at 2.6 million euros the cheapest ever offered. Most cars have a Lamborghini logo. The most expensive quartet is the Countach LPi 800-4 with a price tag of € 2,662,241, the car is slightly more expensive than the two Sians. The final cost is 2,659,138 euros each. Two copies of the model were produced in the Netherlands and both are registered. Like only Countach and Sian, Centenario is also a limited edition. This model is the most unique of the triptych. One of the 20 coupés built is located in our country. It cost exactly 2,226,915 euros in 2017. The white Ferrari LaFerrari completes the list of two + million cars.

Cars from one to two million euros

Of the cars worth one to two million euros, more are registered in the Netherlands! Although there are more copies in the garage, 22 (!) Compatriots have chosen to hang a yellow plate and transfer BPM tens of thousands of euros to the government. In that list there are four other Bugatti. At the time, Veyron had a starting price of 1.1 million euros. In addition, the current RDW register contains five copies of Ferrari LaFerrari† Most of them started their lives elsewhere on this planet, but that does not mean that these vehicles were imported at a rate less than 1.2 million euros. The current sale price is now over 2.5 uro million euros

Sjoerds' facts - Lamborghini Centenario - Autovisie.nl
Lamborghini Centenario

On the other hand, RDW offers a price that is much lower for the Ferrari Monza SP1, which officially had a new price of 1.6 million euros. A small open sports car has already been sold out and out of production. McLaren’s Senna and P1 are on the list, but no Elva. Here, too, the current value is above the new price. At the start of sales of both types, McLaren asked for over one million for sports coupe. Four copies of the Aston Martin V12 Speedster now complete the top list of the most affordable cars in the Netherlands.

1 BUGATTI CHIRON 2022 4,064,477
2 BUGATTI CHIRON 2022 3,636,742
3 BUGATTI CHIRON 2022 3.622.222
4 BUGATTI CHIRON 2018 3,542,760
5 BUGATTI CHIRON 2017 3,427,615
6 BUGATTI CHIRON 2018 3,251,755
7 ASTON MARTIN VALKYRIE 2022 3,201,246
9 LAMBORGHINIA SIAN 2021 2,659,138
10 LAMBORGHINIA SIAN 2021 2,659,138
11 BUGATTI CHIRON 2018 2,637,500
13 FERARIA LAFERARIA 2016 2,061,207
15 BUGATTI VEYRON 2015 1,810,478
16 BUGATTI VEYRON 2007 1,805,200
17 BUGATTI VEYRON 2007 1,805,200
19 FERARIA LAFERARIA 2016 1,376,347
20 FERARIA LAFERARIA 2015 1,332,530
21 MCLAREN SENNA 2019 1,329,464
22 FERARIA LAFERARIA 2014 1,327,403
23 FERARIA LAFERARIA 2014 1,305,774
24 FERARIA MONZA SP1 2020 1,297,202 *
25 FERARIA LAFERARIA 2015 1,287,639
26 MCLAREN SENNA 2019 1,272.529
27 MCLAREN SENNA 2019 1,195,497
28 MCLAREN P1 2013 1.147.717
29 ASTON MARTIN V12 SPEEDSTER 2022 1,120,952
30 MCLAREN SENNA 2019 1.111.198
31 MCLAREN P1 2015 1,102,998
32 ASTON MARTIN V12 SPEEDSTER 2022 1,082,402
33 ASTON MARTIN V12 SPEEDSTER 2022 1,082.395
34 ASTON MARTIN V12 SPEEDSTER 2021 1,074,427
35 ASTON MARTIN V12 SPEEDSTER 2022 1,047.078

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30+ cars with a new value of over one million in the Netherlands

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