4 teenagers killed in stolen Kia crash after police chase Prince George’s – NBC4 Washington

4 teenagers killed in stolen Kia crash after police chase Prince George’s – NBC4 Washington

Family members have identified two of the four teenagers who died when a stolen car crashed into a tree in Glenarden, Maryland, Friday evening.

Cousins ​​Serenity Sellman, 15, and Dartrel Byers, 17, were together when two other teenagers picked them up in a stolen Kia Sorento around 7pm on Friday.

According to family members, they got into the Kia not knowing the car had been stolen in a carjacking earlier that day in Greenbelt.

“Absolutely not,” said Serenity’s godmother, Latasha Hamilton. “Calmness picked up from here, his house. His stepfather let him go, and if he’d known the car was stolen, he wouldn’t have gotten into that car again and maybe still – well, maybe – but he’d be here today.

Losing Serenity and Dartrel leaves the family grieving and struggling to come to terms with what happened, Hamilton said.

“Honestly, words cannot describe what it has done for us,” he said. “We are completely disappointed. We don’t know. We are completely speechless. I mean, they were innocent children. They were babies. No one was inside the car. There is no-one.”

A carjacking victim said five suspects approached him at Edmonston Court before 1 a.m. Friday and demanded his car keys. One of them had a long gun. The victim said he dropped the keys and ran.

Prince George’s County Police say they spotted the vehicle at Lottsford Road and Palmetto Drive around 7:30 pm Friday. The officer began a pursuit, but when the officer lost sight of the vehicle, the officer pulled over, police said.

A witness told police the car passed them on the shoulder about four minutes later before crashing into a tree on Woodmore Road.

“We’re ready for the right facts,” Hamilton said. “We want answers. We want to know what exactly happened to him.”

Prince George’s County Police have not identified any of the juveniles at this time. It is not known who was driving the car.