7 fun decorations for your festival camp

7 fun decorations for your festival camp

Are you from the air traffic control department and also take one with your bag, tent and supermarket with drinks and food shitload and decorations? Then this list is for you! These seven items are guaranteed to inspire a festive mood at your festival camp.

In our handy Festival Packing List you’ll find everything you need for a successful festival weekend. From tents to fanny packs and from power banks to air mattresses: everything is included. Everyone’s wallet has seen better days, so these savings tips to get you through this summer festival certainly haven’t fallen on deaf ears. These 7 items in particular will make your festival weekend even more festive.

There is nothing more annoying than not being able to find your way to your tent at night with your gifted head. The solution is simple: hang a recognizable light string on the edge of your party tent or someone’s rope and you’ll never take a wrong turn again. In addition, bad motifs are of course also just good hip and happening. Tip: the solar lamp can charge with solar energy during the day, so you don’t have to change the battery.

With a glittering curtain for your party tent, you can play off your hangover every morning. Nope feverbut disco fever! All you have to do is let ABBA blast through the speakers. We probably love your party camp decorations the most.

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Your grandmother must have said: “Life is one big party, but you have to hang the wreath yourself”. The party is of course in the festival camp; now those crowns! From panther print to Dutch flags and from colored crepe paper to rainbow holidays: flower garlands come in all shapes and sizes. And what about the flag line with your friend’s head printed on it?

Could your festival camping decorations use a light show? With this battery-powered laser, you’re guaranteed to steal the show at the campsite. The king of full RGB lighting effects gives any random camp fissa a big boost. Aim it at the canvas of your Fresh ‘n Black tent or the roof of your party tent and you’ve got an eye-catching look that can captivate you for hours.

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Let’s face it: Wapperman’s farewell to Down The Rabbit Hole had a big impact. Fortunately, with this device you can remember those good times with an inflatable topper at the festival camp. This battery-powered Mini-Wapperman fills you with joie de vivre, even if you don’t see it for a while on concert number three due to your increasing lack of sleep and headache. Raise your hand for Wapperman and this tireless fan will do the rest.

Be proud of your heritage! Let that Brabant checkerboard fly in front of your party tent, roar like a Limburgish lion or show that the Frisian Flag is more than a carton of coffee creamer. The flag is not only colorful, but it can also be the beginning of a good conversation or the fun of camping. Collect all the Achterhoekers!

A beautiful outdoor rug completes the living room atmosphere. Not only does it look festive, it is also a life buoy for friends without a camping chair or for fear of insects. A good bottom sheet makes it easy to keep your camp clean and you can safely walk barefoot without breaking your beds on a wandering branch.

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