A 20-year-old citizen of Olsztyn was driving a Peugeot …

A 20-year-old citizen of Olsztyn was driving a Peugeot …

Road pirates on the roads of the region.  A 20-year-old citizen of Olsztyn drove a Peugeot car, he can pay a fine of PLN 30,000.  zlotys
The police stopped at ul. Idyllic road pirate
Photo KMP Olsztyn

On Wednesday (October 26), police from Olsztyn detained two street pirates. A 20-year-old boy, driving a Peugeot car, exceeded the speed limit by 77 km / h. For his part, the 58-year-old IVECO driver decided to continue the trip, despite the court ban.

On Wednesday, officers of the SPEED group on the S51 road stopped a Peugeot passenger car for inspection, whose driver had significantly exceeded the speed limit. The measurement and video recording showed that the man was driving at a speed of 197 km / h in a place where the limit of 120 km / h is used. Officers stopped the vehicle for inspection. Behind the wheel was a 20-year-old resident of Olsztyn.

It is an offense subject to a fine of PLN 2,500 and 15 penalty points. The man exercised his right to refuse to receive a penalty notice. The case will find its end in court. The 20-year-old player faces a fine of up to 30,000. zlotys.

On the same day, the police at ul. Sielska, they stopped an Iveco car whose passenger neglected to wear seat belts. After checking the information systems, it turned out that the 58-year-old driver should not be behind the wheel of the car at all, because he is banned from driving under the court. In addition, it turned out that the car he was driving did not have current technical specifications and a third party liability insurance policy.

The driver will explain his behavior in court.