A 47-year-old man died in an accident near Mława.  Two cars hit him

A 47-year-old man died in an accident near Mława. Two cars hit him

The Opel fell into it, and then fell under the wheels of another car! The tragic death of a 47-year-old girl near Mława

A 47-year-old woman died in an accident near Mława, hit by two cars. Everything happened on the national road No. 7 on the route Uniszki Zawadzkie-Michalinowo, at the height of the second town, on Sunday, September 11, approx. 20.30. The woman on the road was first hit by an Opel car, and when she jumped out of the car, she ran into a nearby lane, where another car hit her. A 47-year-old man, from Mława poviat, died instantly. – We still don’t know what he was doing on the road: if he wanted to go in the other direction or something else, but he didn’t have things to think about, and the accident happened on an unlit part of the road. – says Anna Pawłowska, spokesperson of the District Police Headquarters in Mława. He adds that both drivers involved in the incident were sitting in the same position. The cause and its detailed circumstances are explained uniformly under the supervision of the district prosecutor’s office.

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