A Buick Encore replacement is on the way

A Buick Encore replacement is on the way

It looks like General Motors isn’t about to throw in the towel Buick Encore. According to what the site reports GM authoritywhich says it has received information from sources familiar with the automaker’s plans, that a replacement for the first-generation model is on the way.

Buick’s smallest SUV was the brand’s best-seller in Canada and its second-best-selling model in the U.S. last year, but it’s been struggling since new. Still GXmore spacious and more modern.

For example, with 895 units sold in Canada in the fourth quarter of 2020, the Buick Encore has decreased by 63% and represents only half of the sales of its older brother (1,713 units), but more expensive by $ 3,250. in its basic version.

Photo: Buick

However, instead of scrapping it and putting just one model in the small SUV segment, GM would look to follow its current strategy by redesigning the Encore for North America.

To find out what its successor might look like, just look at China. There, the arrival of the Encore GX was made at the same time as the renewal of Encore a little, which also took the opportunity to change the Gamma II platform (the one we know here) to a new one called GEM (meaning Global. Emerging Markets).

Photo: General Motors

The latter is roughly a simplified version of the VSS-F architecture adopted by the Encore GX, but was not originally designed for the North American market. GM authority suggests that the manufacturer has decided to change its tone, mainly because the new Encore with the GEM platform costs less to manufacture.

More details may come our way in the coming months. Remember also that compact SUV 2021 Buick Envision the next generation is now on sale locally starting at $37,598.

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