A cheap device appeared in Biedronka [12.09.2022] – PC world

A cheap device appeared in Biedronka [12.09.2022] – PC world

We love smart devices – they make everyday life easier. The device that we discovered on the Biedronka Home online store can also do a lot. Such equipment should be in every home.

Ladybug continues to wonder. In the online store of this discount store you will find many interesting products, including very attractive price. This time we stumbled level of intelligencewhich we will buy for a very small amount.

This rational balance is one of the cheapest devices of this typenow available in the market. For comparison, we recommend comparing various smart bathroom scales. We have included in it too important tips when it comes to choosing this type of equipment – you can get lost in the number of different functions and possibilities.

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What? the level of intelligence of the bathroomwhich provides the user not only the usual equipment of this type, namely the measurement of body weight. In addition, we can rely on it body fat measurement indicatorand muscle mass, bone tissueand even details like humidity level.

Weight you have Large display, easy to readwhere we will find all the important information. The device does not connect to Wi-Fi and does not allow data transfer via Bluetooth, however the product log records measurements made on 10 users. We have here step by step work, i.e. automatic activation of the level after entering the device. They increase the comfort of use overload and low battery indicatorswith non-slip feet. Another advantage is the simple design, elegant, similar bathrooms decorated in different styles.


  • Material: glass
  • Dimensions: 31 x 31 x 3 cm
  • Weight: 1.28 kg
  • Warranty period (years): 3
  • Power supply: battery operated
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Waterproof: NO
  • Certifications: DEKRA

Price: PLN 49.99 Click here for details

If you are wondering how the ordering process in the Biedronka Home online store looks likewe recommend our step-by-step guide.