A Citroen diesel AX converted into a tractor.  You can buy it for a small amount |  French.pl

A Citroen diesel AX converted into a tractor. You can buy it for a small amount | French.pl

Citroen AX with a diesel engine like a tractor? Why not, this modified version is very useful on the farm or on a large farm. This type of car can be bought in Poland.

A long time ago in Poland it was possible to create the so-called SAMs. Home-made cars were a way to correct the shortcomings of cars that existed during communism. People have built all kinds of designs – from cars to commercial vehicles. Today, creating such an innovation is very difficult, but advertisements sometimes include interesting designs based on elements from already existing cars. One of them is an AX-based tractor.

Citroen AX, or rather its elements and sub-components, were used here to create this wonderful car, which is a combination of a tractor with a multifunctional tool and cargo space. The model was created in the 1990s for the needs of working in the forest – informs the seller.

“The car was built by the best professionals from the surrounding villages: Mr. Welder, Mr. Mechanic, Mr. Electrician, Mr. Mechanic and Mr. Locksmith,” the seller praises the design. The equipment consists of a hand-made mechanical winch, approximately 30 m of steel rope, a reducer, and a 4-speed gearbox permanently attached to the original one. Steering is on both axles, with disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear.

The car needs a lot of attention: the injection pump needs to be fixed, the brakes need to be replaced, and the frame can also be updated. There is no battery, but the device is still running, says the inventor.

Advertisement Information about selling a tractor can be found here.

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