A CUPRA car per month for PLN 1?  It is possible at Volkswagen Financial Services

A CUPRA car per month for PLN 1? It is possible at Volkswagen Financial Services

From November of this year the advertising campaign called “CUPRA in Your Fleet – the first phase of PLN 1” is ongoing at Volkswagen Financial Services. An entrepreneur who, as part of the Car Rental offer, will test the Formentor model and in the next step will order this car for his fleet, after signing a new contract, will receive the first monthly payment of PLN 1.

Volkswagen Financial Services with the CUPRA brand met the needs of entrepreneurs who are looking for vehicles for their fleets. In addition to the possibility of testing the Formentor model as part of a medium-term lease from VW FS, customers can also participate in the advertising campaign “CUPRA in Your Fleet – the first installment of PLN 1”. To do so, expand your fleet with CUPRA Formentor or Leon models.

The solution we propose is quite innovative. A customer who wants to lease or long-term lease CUPRA Formentor or Leon models will receive the first installment of PLN 1 in the fleet offer. The second installment will be at a nominal price, depending on the financing chosen – explain Daniel Trzaskowski, fleet sales director at Volkswagen Financial Services.

The first step – medium-term rental

The Car Rental Offer applies to medium and large businesses that have at least 15 vehicles in their fleet. The first advantage is the opportunity to try the CUPRA Developer in everyday life. The person can see if it is a car that suits them both in terms of comfort and performance. If the Car Leasing contract has been concluded with Volkswagen Financial Services, then the test car can be extended up to 2 years (the minimum term is one month, while data from VW FS shows that 68% of customers use the three-month leasing option. ) . Fixed monthly payments are made for the car. The period of use of the vehicle under a medium-term lease can be shortened at any time. If the customer is satisfied with the car, you can sign another contract, this time for a long-term lease.

– We are happy to cooperate with Volkswagen Financial Services, because by working together, we can create the best solutions that have a real impact on shaping the fleet market in Poland. The offer to test the Formentor model as part of a medium-term lease is a great opportunity for business customers to see that CUPRA cars are excellent as fleet vehicles. – he says Marcin Rzepczyński, sales director of the CUPRA brand.

The second step – long-term rental

After the end of the medium-term lease, the customer has the option of concluding a new contract to finance the CUPRA Formentor or Leon models by way of lease or long-term lease, so-called. FSL (Full Service Lease). In this case, the first monthly installment for a car under VW FS financing is only PLN 1. For this reason, this solution is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to check the quality of the vehicles they choose and the cost when expanding their fleet. Thanks to the possibility to test the CUPRA Formentor model in advance, the customer can be sure that he is choosing a proven car. The advertising campaign “CUPRA in Your Ship – the first installment of PLN 1” will last until December 31, 2023.

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