A drunk driver crashed into four cars in Los Angeles

A drunk driver crashed into four cars in Los Angeles

Los Angeles was the scene of some chaotic driving in early May. The incident was recorded by witnesses.

On May 3, the driver especially messy he hit several cars with his Ford Mustang, in Los Angeles. The incident, of rare violence, was recorded in its entirety. One of the victims, a man named Paul Sampietro, said to the American media KABC that he realized the suspect was driving recklessly. Then he decided to stop it until it arrived law enforcement.

The driver, completely angry, entered the car behind him instead of stopping. Then he continued his journey hit the driver who was taking the video, entered another car on the side of the road and hit a small truck. In total, he entered four cars in a row, leaving behind him an area worthy of accumulation.

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A wild scene in Los Angeles

The same witness explained thathe was following the driver for a while now before taking the video. “He was stopped at a light, looking at his phone, and when he left, he went through the light and almost hit cars in Ventura (…) I followed him because I was going in the same direction”he announced. “Then I saw that he was driving aggressively and almost collided with people until finally he overtook someone. I approached him and put him aside so that he could not run away”.

After hitting a plumber’s truck and a box truck, the suspect crossed the median, got back into a black Porsche, then got into another car. Depending los angeles police, several people were slightly injured and had to be treated on the spot. Four cars – including the Mustang – were eventually implicated.

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“He didn’t look like he was drunk”

“He seemed stressed”remembered Mr. Sampietro. “He didn’t look like he was drunk. But his driving was dangerous. He was following everyone, so maybe he didn’t know what he was doing.”. At the same time, another witnessJohn Crawford, shared a surveillance video that showed another angle of the incident.

This last witness said that he had never seen such violent incidents, even though he has been working in the neighborhood at the moment. thirty years. “It wasn’t an accident, it was like driving very aggressively. It was very disturbing. I’ve never seen so much aggression.”. Finally, the police arrested the 22-year-old suspect. However, he was released on bail.