A family with a child is pushed off the road – the car spins

A family with a child is pushed off the road – the car spins

Two people were injured in a serious accident on Wandsbeker Chaussee on Thursday afternoon. Her child was in the car accident.

Eyewitnesses told the MOPO reporter at the scene how the main Mazda rental company pushed a silver Chevrolet off the road while they were driving sideways outside the city. The Chevrolet skidded, rolled and landed on its side.

Car accident with a child: first responders prevent the worst

Apart from the driver, his partner and his child were in the car. The child did not suffer any injuries, while the woman suffered a broken arm and the man suffered multiple injuries. All were taken to hospital.

The fact that things were not worse is also thanks to the first aid experts, who freed the occupants of the car and provided them with medical care before the fire brigade arrived.

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After the accident, the person who caused the accident hit a Mercedes car that was parked without people inside and did not get serious injuries even according to the previous reports, but he was taken to the hospital. Wandsbeker Chaussee was closed out of town until around 6:30 pm (price)