“A fast and sporty car is not just for men”

“A fast and sporty car is not just for men”

No to stereotypes, yes to revolution, of looks, attitudes, methods. In short, vision. Even behind the wheel. A fancy car Cupra The “rebellion” already announces in the name – DarkRebel to be precise – and it is also against the rules and discrimination, first of all that makes a sports car, powerful, fast, which is considered “masculine”. The secret of the car, truly amazing, is in the female eyes, of Francesca Sangalli, Head of Color & Trim and Concept & Strategy. The theme of the installation On the side of Creative Rebels, on the occasion of the Creative Week, the car is described in the ad hoc exhibition schedule – until tomorrow at the Cupra Milano Garage, in Corso Como 1 and Piazza XXV Aprile and the nearby Garibaldi Gallery. – which provides a “phygital” experience, even immersive. On the other hand, it was also born thanks to the participation of the Cupra Tribe and more than 270 thousand configurations created through the hyper-configuration.
Francesca Sangalli, how did your career in the automotive industry begin?
“I studied architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan and took a second degree in Industrial Design in London. I started my career as a Product Designer. Then, Mercedes-Benz contacted me to join its Advanced Design Studio in Como. At that time There was a woman in charge of the station. It was unusual to contact only those who had studied in the automotive industry. I liked the idea of ​​being able to change the transportation industry. and bring a new perspective.”
Did it cost you a lot of effort?
“Sure. When I entered this world, they were all car designers who were born and raised in a system that wanted cars to be built according to the right standards. I was taken for granted. They told me: “This is how it’s done.” But I knew it could be done differently. Years ago , the Color & Trim item just referred to the idea of ​​covering the surfaces created by the designer. It was difficult to change the technique. Today, 3D printed materials are the ones that change the design.”
How much did men and women participate in the experience with the advanced developer?
“Gender behavior was not highlighted, on the other hand, the idea that we at Cupra have is to focus on new generations and a gender-neutral vision. There are no men’s or women’s cars, so we tried to avoid the stereotype of a sports car associated with men.”

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A well-rooted attitude.
“Yes, and it can be easy to fall for it, after all sports cars have different levels of beauty, but we wanted to break the mold and give a new face to this type of car”.
After a long time of looking masculine to achieve gender neutrality, it will be necessary, paradoxically, to focus more on the feminine?
“I believe that, after decades of history, it will be necessary to do it effectively. We will have to consider the female presence, for a while, to balance the male presence that has uniquely defined the product. What is needed is a high cultural change, without new ghettoizations. Perspective male lives in the automotive industry, connected to the past. Young people have a strong interest in sustainability, which is not greenwashing, and the desire to look at the concept behind the design, and therefore also in new materials. and production processes”.
You started about twenty years ago, how has the industry changed?
“At Mercedes-Benz, the experience was linked to the luxury sector. The standards were difficult to weaken, also because of the strong, strong past of the brand. When I joined Cupra, I saw the possibility of doing something completely new. So, for example, in the material In the automotive industry, the best is used and even the brands that do not use it wish to do so, I believe that this vision must be reduced, otherwise the principles of car beauty will remain the same.
How can it be done?
“We need to change the processes of creating a car. Investment and the courage to face big risks are needed. You must always be curious, ready to create a new way of thinking, while maintaining consistency with what you do.”

The most interesting ways?
“I believe the key is lightness. Interesting inputs for future design can come from here. The dialogue between the material and the immaterial is an important challenge, as is the ability to create emotion in design.”
What advice would you give to young people who want to work in your farm?
“Not getting stuck in patterns and preconceived notions. Those who love the product can risk embarking on a sad journey.”
And, given that the “gap” is still visible, what would you say to the girls?
“Accepting the challenge and trying to enter this traditionally male world, precisely to change it. It is only from the inside that things change. The time is ripe. The availability of the company is there because, in fact, there is a need.”