A Ferrari driver crosses the border into Germany – after a few seconds he is in trouble with the law

A Ferrari driver crosses the border into Germany – after a few seconds he is in trouble with the law

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From: Martina Lippl

The 490 hp sports car attracted the attention of the customs patrol in Germany. The officers stopped a Ferrari F430 Spider.

Friedrichshafen – From zero to 100 km / h in four seconds, top speed 315 km / h – these values ​​​​of the Ferrari F430 Spider (490 hp) are undoubtedly very attractive to others. Apparently, the customs officials in Germany were not blinded by the beauty of Italy and the technical details and suspension of the car. During a check on the A96, a Ferrari smuggler was discovered.

The customs patrol stops the Greeks in a Ferrari F430 Spider. © Customs

Customs stop Ferrari smugglers on the A96

Shortly after the Swiss border, officials from Friedrichshafen removed the sports car from the circuit. The 54-year-old driver and his passenger were on their way to Munich by Spider for relatives, customs said.

According to their own information, they had previously bought a Ferrari F430 Spider in Switzerland for 30,000 euros. Real business! On relevant car websites, used car dealers want the highest prices – up to more than 100,000 euros, depending on the version.

The Ferrari was smuggled across the border

However, there is a problem: the driver drove the new sports car across the border and did not report the Ferrari to customs when entering the EU. Customs forces initiated tax charges against the 54-year-old. In addition, the Ferrari smuggler had to pay an “import tax” of 9,270 euros and a so-called penalty security of 1,500 euros on the spot. After that, the two men were able to continue driving the smuggled Ferrari F430 Spider.

“When entering Germany, you are not allowed to bring any goods without further concern,” reads the customs website. There are also special regulations for use in vehicles that are not registered in the European Union. (ml)

Ferrari’s meeting at a luxury hotel in Kirchdorf near Kitzbühel (Tyrol) ended in fiasco in early May. When a 63-year-old man ignored the right of way, there was a fatal accident.