A Fiat almost crashes into huge rocks on a South Tyrolean holiday road – the video shows the full scale

A Fiat almost crashes into huge rocks on a South Tyrolean holiday road – the video shows the full scale

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From: Johannes Welte

Aerial view of construction site on state highway. © FFW Laces

A car that was taken by four police officers almost went into a rockfall in Vinschgau (South Tyrol) on Sunday night.

Latsch – Armed with jackhammers, construction workers tackle rocks weighing up to 90 tons that have roared onto the state road through the Vinschgau near the South Tyrolean municipality of Latsch (Italy). A police officer almost went into the rock with three colleagues in a Fiat 500 car.

“Safety and clean-up work after a large rockfall continues, everything is being done to open the Vinschger state road to traffic as quickly and safely as possible,” reported the Latsch fire brigade on Facebook after several storms in Italy. The bypass road is closed, which means that traffic from Austria and Germany via the Reschen Pass and from the Engadin and from the Stilfser Joch towards Meran and Bozen is suffering from the community of 5,000 inhabitants. The result: traffic jams, noise and exhaust fumes.

A Fiat almost crashes into huge rocks on the South Tyrol tourist road: the video now shows the full scale.

The road should be cleared again by Friday (May 26), but safety work is also being done on the cliff face. A temporary earth wall is also intended to protect the road and cycle path around further rock falls. In the meantime, however, a solid stone wall should be built to prevent more stones. The South Tyrolean state government has provided 3.5 million euros for this.

Here one of the rocks in South Tyrol is broken. © FFW Laces

South Tyrol/Italy: A large wall should stop the stones in the future

“We want to intervene quickly and in a targeted way to ensure the safety of road users at a busy point,” said Daniel Alfreider, Minister of Mobility. stol.it he was quoted. According to Alfreider, work on the permanent protective wall should begin as early as Monday. The wall should be 100 meters long and about five meters high, and a protective structure and a rockfall protection fence are planned for the rock face.

It was not the first landslide in South Tyrol in recent weeks. A stone roared into the terrace of a kindergarten, another ran into the road in Ahrntal., shortly after the cars passed the spot, as the video shows.