A French boss gives his employees electric cars

A French boss gives his employees electric cars

Christmas is an opportunity to celebrate generosity and togetherness. At the end of 2022, François Gosset, founder of the Femaag Packing company, in Calvados, which manufactures packaging machines, decided to make a generous gesture by “giving a new electric car” to all his employees (about ten).

This is a wonderful gift that aims to inspire them transition to clean mobility and for increase the awareness of employees about the benefits of electric vehicles. Employees received the keys to a Peugeot e-208, a medium-range model. However, as we will see, this sign also has financial implications for employees and for the company.

Why choose an electric car: ecological and economic benefits

The electric cars have many environmental and health benefits. Indeed, they do not emit greenhouse gases during their use, reduce the production of fine particles and contribute to improving air quality.

In addition, in terms of driving comfort, they are quiet and provide unparalleled power at any rpm. There are also economic benefits, because Their cost of use is lower than hot carsdue to low energy consumption and the real absence of maintenance, apart from mandatory inspections.

Obstacles to buying an electric car

Despite all these advantages, buying an electric car is still difficult for many people because of its high price. The starting price of the Peugeot e-208 is estimated at 34,550 euros, excluding bonuses. Although there are financial aids to facilitate the acquisition of an electric car, many people cannot afford it without resorting to a bank loan.

Financial results for Femaag Packaging employees

Although the donation of these Peugeot e-208s comes from good intentions, as François himself says: “For four or five years, I have been trying to find a way to encourage my team to drive more cleanly. The idea of ​​giving everyone a car paid for by the company was found“. Not exactly positive for the workers.

The Christmas gift given by François Gosset has financial implications for the employees. In fact, they will have to contribute financially up to 30 euros per month to’installation of power stations in the company parking lot, maintenance fees andinsurance.

In addition, freeze wages was announced for a few years to offset the costs incurred for these electric vehicles. In the event of leaving the company, employees must also return the keys to their electric car.

Despite the mentioned partners, this initiative is a strong sign of the commitment of the Norman company Femaag Packing in favor of the energy transition and clean mobility. And you, what do you think about this ecological, but double-edged symbol for workers?