A GMC has been involved in an accident.  A brave jaguar takes him in a car [WIDEO]

A GMC has been involved in an accident. A brave jaguar takes him in a car [WIDEO]

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Accidents can be dangerous but also amazing. The one below belongs to both groups.

A dash cam video posted on Twitter first shows a man crossing the road, then a GMC Acadia is seen in the distance. Unfortunately for him, Honda is also approaching a crossroads. An Asian car drives full speed into an American SUV and shoots it out of frame.

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The 57-year-old man did not keep a safe distance and drove his moped behind the car

In the next photo you can see how a pedestrian easily avoids a collision with a running scrap metal, which disappears again behind the camera lens.

After a while, however, GMC appears again in the frame, but this time on the hood of the white Jaguar E-Pace. He even traveled a few meters further with an unknown companion.

Jaguar XJC Carlex design. A Polish company at the forefront of global restructuring

It is not known when or when the event. One thing is certain, the incident happened in the United States and all three cars were badly damaged. The front of the Honda was crushed immediately after the side impact of the GMC. Meanwhile, the front and sides of the Acadia appear to be badly damaged. As for the Jaguar, a common sacrifice in the whole matter, his presence was destroyed by the effect of Acadia.