A hybrid version of the Dacia Jogger has been added to the price list

A hybrid version of the Dacia Jogger has been added to the price list

Dacia has updated its price lists for 2024 for the Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Jogger models. The offer finally includes the Jogger Hybrid 140 with a 1.6 liter combustion engine? PLN 109,550.

Dacia Jogger is a car for 7 people, for the whole family. It combines the length of a station wagon, the width of a station wagon and the characteristics of an SUV. The muscle car offers comfort for all passengers and now, in the hybrid version, the performance and range of the long-distance runner.

The new hybrid version has all the advantages of the Jogger. Despite the need to install a battery, the trunk capacity remained the same, as did the amount of space in the cabin. This is because from the very beginning, the Dacia Jogger was designed with room for a towing battery for a hybrid vehicle. It is located under the floor instead of the spare wheel, like the LPG tank in models with the ECO-G 100 engine.

The hybrid version of Expression Dacia Jogger with five seats was sold for PLN 109,550. In the seven-seat version – PLN 114,050.

What does hybrid mean?

The Jogger uses the hybrid drive technology that has proven successful in other Renault Group models. The drive combines two electric motors: a powerful 49 HP electric motor with a high-voltage HSG (High-Voltage Starter Generator) starter-alternator and a 1.6 l gasoline engine, working with a clutchless and multi-mode gearbox. A clever combination of electric motors and a gearbox with a dog clutch ensures excellent, smooth gear changes.

Thanks to this, the Jogger HYBRID 140 can go around the city in fully electric mode for 80% of the driving time, and fuel consumption in the urban cycle can be up to 40% lower than in a version with a comparable power combustion engine, without the need to change habits.

Kinetic energy is recovered during deceleration and stopping and then converted into electricity to charge the traction battery again.


The battery can also be charged by the combustion engine. The algorithms used ensure payment, for example when driving on the highway, at the most efficient cycle speed, that is, which produces the greatest number of kW from a given amount of fuel.

This allows you to make better use of the energy produced to recharge the battery when the amount of energy produced exceeds the demand.

Corner box

The extra energy is used to decelerate the combustion engine during hard acceleration or switching to electric driving mode on the city route.

Thanks to the gearbox without the usual clutch as well as electric motors, every start is made by an electric motor. This solution significantly reduces the drop in speed when changing gears and translates into greater driving comfort and better performance during acceleration.

With the announcement of the prices of the Jogger Hybrid 140, Dacia has set prices for a new range of models: Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Jogger, which have acquired the necessary equipment under the control of the GSR2.

New roles

Global Safety Regulation No. 2 is a new general safety regulation that updates vehicle safety requirements in the European Union. GSR2 is intended to improve the safety of all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists.


As regulations change in July 2024, some safety equipment will become mandatory. All Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Jogger versions of the Model Year 2024 range will be standard with systems such as:

• road sign recognition and over speed warning system
• system control through (LDW)
• routing system (LKA)
• active emergency braking system with pedestrian and cyclist detection (AEBS)
• driver fatigue control system (UTA)
• light and rain sensors (automatic dipped beam headlights and wipers).

Dacia Sandero prices remain at the same level, only in Jogger the price of the Essential version changes, whose standard equipment has been improved, among others: with manual air conditioning and parking sensors.