A look at stormy weather destruction around Arizona

A look at stormy weather destruction around Arizona

Arizona has been the site of some serious weather-related destruction in recent years. In the summer of 2018, a string of powerful monsoons, including the most intense in 40 years, lashed the state. The resulting floods and mudflows caused extensive damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure.

The deluges damaged or destroyed more than 2,000 homes and businesses in the Phoenix area alone. Over 6,000 acres of land were submerged, including over 2,000 acres of farmland. The storms left behind an estimated $90 million in infrastructure damages and an estimated $400 million in damages to homes and businesses.

The floods caused an inordinate amount of destruction to Arizona’s agricultural sector. The state’s corn crop, a major source of income for farmers, was decimated by the storms. Over 80 percent of the crop was destroyed due to the flooding. The storms also caused significant damage to orchards and vineyards, with some farmers losing up to 95 percent of their crops.

The storms also caused extensive damage to roads and bridges in the state. Many roads were washed out, and several bridges were destroyed. In some cases, it has taken years for repairs to be completed. The Arizona Department of Transportation estimates that the cost of repairs to roads and bridges has already exceeded $60 million and is expected to exceed $100 million when all repairs are complete.

The devastating impact of the monsoons has put a severe strain on Arizona’s infrastructure. The state has seen an uptick in flood-related emergencies, including the evacuation of dozens of homes and businesses. As a result, the state has had to invest heavily in flood mitigation efforts, such as the installation of dams, levees, and other flood control measures.

The storms have also had a major impact on the state’s water supply. The floods caused massive erosion and sedimentation, leading to higher levels of sediment in rivers and reservoirs. This, in turn, has caused problems for water treatment plants, leading to higher levels of contaminants in the state’s drinking water.

In the wake of the destruction caused by the 2018 monsoons, Arizona has taken steps to improve its flood preparedness. The state has invested in better forecasting systems and increased its investment in infrastructure upgrades to help mitigate the impacts of future storms. While the full extent of the destruction caused by the storms may never be known, it is clear that Arizona must remain vigilant in order to protect its citizens and infrastructure from future weather-related destruction.