A luxury tractor for the deputy minister.  “This is not the latest Porsche model”

A luxury tractor for the deputy minister. “This is not the latest Porsche model”

Konrad Kaczmarczyk, the brother of the deputy minister of agriculture, informed the officials that his soybean cultivation suffered due to the hail. However, the special commission concluded that there was no damage and, according to experts, there was no hail in the district. The alleged hailstorm occurred in an area of ​​141 hectares, which his brother the deputy minister has been using since November 2020. As we clear a few days ago, his brother – Norbert Kaczmarczyk (even before taking the position of deputy minister of agriculture, but already as deputy) helped him in the subletting of land owned by the government. Thanks to the title deeds and sub-leasing, they were able to pass the law introduced by PiS, according to which the land should be rented by farmers from the district where the land is located. – This is an agricultural practice. Everything is legal. It is a bit of a campaign against the Kaczmarczyk family – said Jacek Ozdoba, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment in the “Tłit” program of the Polish Armed Forces. Policy of Solidarna Polska, we also asked about the luxury tractor worth PLN 1.5 million, which Kaczmarczyk received at his grand wedding. – I spoke with the minister, he said that this is a big, beautiful family that is in a close relationship. Together they run the economy and help each other. There is nothing wrong with the fact that the minister can use his brother’s official equipment (…) This is a working tool, not the latest model of Porsche – said Ozdoba.