A major manufacturer may soon arrive in F1 with its engines!

A major manufacturer may soon arrive in F1 with its engines!


2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Sunday – Wolfgang Wilhelm

F1 was not very interesting for a long time. So much so that we can wonder if soon there won’t be more builders than stables in the queen category! This time, it is GM (General Motors) that is seriously considering developing its own engine, for a possible entry in 2027.

F1: GM will not be a simple “sponsor”.

General Motors will already be present in F1 from 2026, through its Cadillac brand, as Andretti’s partner. At least, if the American project is approved by the highest sports authorities. But when the brand in question has to collaborate with an engine partner (Renault or Honda) during its first campaign, then it would like to increase its presence and “its” limitation. Always in collaboration with the American team.

“GM is motivated to be involved in the car and its design, in the whole process. It’s not about tuning the engine anymore. The interaction between Cadillac and Andretti will be on the whole car”. explains Eric Warren, CEO of the competition division at GM, to our colleagues from Motorsport.

“We want to get involved in the race and make sure we compete, then let’s study 2026 what will bring more meaning than that. Of course we can [le faire]. We cannot do that in principle, because the engine manufacturers for 2026 have been announced, so for us, we would get to 2027 earlier. It is something that we learn. We study power units. Andretti has an engine partner that we can run fast with. I find it difficult for an engine manufacturer to say that the engine is 100% made in house. There are always technical partners that we work with. But I think we have the ability to match that. I think we can. [maintenant] shall we choose to do it, and with what elements? That remains to be determined.”

Article published on 05/05/2023 at 6:06 am