A mother gives birth to a child in an electric Ford Mustang Mach E, Gütsel Online, OWL live

A mother gives birth to a child in an electric Ford Mustang Mach E, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Christine and Jens Vigsted with little David in their arms. Photo: Ford Werke GmbH

A mother gives birth to a child in a Ford Mustang Mach E electric car

Cologne (OTS)

  • In Denmark, a baby was born in a #Ford #Mustang Mach E. This is the first birth that has taken place in a Ford electric car
  • Ford sees customers as members of a large automotive family, in this case the view could not be more accurate.

Ford is happy to confirm that for the first time in the world a #baby has been born in one of the company’s electric vehicles. Mother and child are fine. Scene: On the side of an ordinary road in Denmark.

When pregnant Christine Vigsted went into labor, she and her husband Jens thought there was still plenty of time to get to the maternity hospital. After all, labor pains lasting several hours preceded the birth of her first son Thomas. Although Jens started his electric Ford Mustang Mach E in time to take Christine to the hospital, her diaphragm ruptured just minutes after setting off. Jens stopped on the side of the road and – with the help of a midwife on the phone – was able to give birth to the couple’s second child, who will soon be christened David.

“The actual birth in the car went really well,” said Christine from Ringsted, Denmark. “If it was our first child, maybe we would have acted more excited and done things differently. But it was actually a good experience”.

“We work very hard to test our vehicles and prepare for every eventuality, but frankly, being born in the passenger seat is not one of our most common test situations,” said Jim Farley, Ford’s President and CEO. our customers as members of the Ford family and in this case that couldn’t be more true.”