A motorcycle hit a car.  A 23-year-old man died.  Cornea transplantation is approved

A motorcycle hit a car. A 23-year-old man died. Cornea transplantation is approved

His young life was broken in front of the sea, riding his beloved motorcycle. A sudden impact and then a terrifying run on the pavement followed by a scream of terror. The following were scenes of despair, the tears of those who witnessed the drama and expected to see the young man standing again, perhaps a little bruised and in pain. Emanuele Arcolini, only 23 years old, died early yesterday afternoon through Litoranea in Marinella di Sarzana, on the road that runs along the bathing stations.

The young man from Carrara, who lived with his grandparents, could not recover from the effects of the violence against the Opel that came out of the road leading to the bathing facilities, parallel to Litoranea. The boy who was riding his Ducati motorcycle returning from Spezia, where he was an employee of a restaurant, was heading to Marina di Carrara shortly after 3 pm and the results were very serious. After colliding with a car in which a family was in, the young man was thrown on the other side of the road in front of a pizza restaurant, unconscious on the ground. It was the driver of the car who immediately provided first aid, and alerted the doctors to intervene. An ambulance from the Italian Red Cross section of Fiumaretta, not even a kilometer from the accident site, and 118 paramedics who tried to resuscitate him on the spot, arrived immediately. On the road, at the same time closed to pass Sarzana municipal police officers, an eerie silence fell while some swimmers were tired and breathing from the shore to understand what was going on with the elements of the car against him. the motorcycle crashed. It would seem, by the absurd design of fate, that the driver also recognized the boy as soon as the helmet was removed.

After the maneuver to revive him, the doctors decided to quickly transport the young man to the emergency room of the San Bartolomeo di Sarzana hospital where at the same time the helicopter of the fire brigade had also arrived. But hope disappeared because Emanuele’s heart stopped beating. Parents with great humanity and commitment agreed to transplant the cornea.

Massimo Merluzzi