A new car in the company’s fleet?  Choose a Cupra Leon or Cupra Formentor model for zlotys for the first month!

A new car in the company’s fleet? Choose a Cupra Leon or Cupra Formentor model for zlotys for the first month!

Looking for a new vehicle for your company fleet? If the car will be comfortable, powerful, and at the same time be the best show of the company, it is worth betting on the compact Cupra Leon or the powerful SUV – Cupra Formentor. Both vehicles are now available as part of Volkswagen Financial Services’ innovative offer. Try the Cupra Formentor as part of a medium-term lease, and later, when you decide on a long-term lease or rent one of these cars, pay an installment of PLN 1 for the first month!

Maciej Chomacki


Cupra Leon and Cupra Formentor, the company’s flagship without compromise

Cupra Leon and Cupra Formentor are cars that perform well in the city and on long trips, and in addition they are elegant, comfortable and powerful. Both proposals of the Spanish brand are perfect vehicles for the sales representative, director or manager.

When you decide to introduce the Cupra Leon to your company’s fleet, you get a luxury car of the compact class with a modern, aerodynamic silhouette, created by, among others, thanks to the continuous designer backlight and the elegant brass insert. Inside, there is an innovative cockpit with voice control. Power Cupra Leon from 150 to 310 hp. If your company is focused on an ecological policy, you can also choose a hybrid engine – it is also distinguished by a sports edge, as evidenced by gasoline engines with a clean electric range of up to 60 km!

What will the Cupra Formentor bring to the company’s fleet? This modern SUV coupe, designed according to current automotive trends, is equipped with multiple engines up to 390 hp, in the hybrid version that ensures up to 59 km of electric range. Notable is the spacious, ergonomic interior equipped, among others, with unique bucket seats. Additionally, the car has advanced safety systems, such as adaptive headlights to improve visibility, predictive ACC to help adjust speed into corners, and Travel Assist to help you change lanes safely by keeping a safe distance from other vehicles.

Try before you decide – medium term rental

Not familiar with the Cupra brand and want to get to know it better before deciding on a lease or long-term lease? Or maybe you need an attractive car in a short time? Before deciding on the permanent option of the Cupra Formentor model for your fleet, choose a medium-term lease prepared by Volkswagen Financial Services and it will be available from one month, up to a maximum of 23 months.

Why is the Volkswagen Financial Services offer for the Cupra Formentor so attractive? Because you only use the car when you need it, for example during a long business trip. At Volkswagen Financial Services, you can cancel your contract at any time after one month. Throughout its duration, an attractive fixed monthly installment is applied, which includes, among others, insurance, tire change and car service. Upgrade your fleet to a modern and unique car in a medium term or take the offer as a test drive for your target car.

You can read more about it on the web CUPRA in your fleet – VWFS.PL.


Cupra per month for PLN 1? Discover long-term leases at Volkswagen Financial Services

Do you like one of the Cupra models because it perfectly suits your company’s needs? Long term lease at Volkswagen Financial Services.

If you decide to take this step, you are entitled to the full service of the company’s fleet. The fixed monthly installment covers servicing, repairs and even the purchase and storage of tires – excluding any additional service costs. In addition, as part of the payment, you have the car insurance you own, including an assistance package, the possibility of using a courtesy car and handling claims included in the price. When the contract is over, there is no obligation to buy the car. Then you can upgrade your ship with the newest model.

But that’s not all – customers who previously opted for a medium-term lease of the Cupra Formentor model can take advantage of a very attractive offer prepared by Volkswagen Financial Services: Cupra in your fleet – the first installment for PLN 1!

Just follow two simple steps:

  • The first step is a medium-term lease of a Cupra Formentor model. One month is enough.

  • The second step is a long-term lease or a lease with the first installment of PLN 1 only. The long-term rental offer includes modern cars – Cupra Leon and Cupra Formentor.

The ad can be used by dealers who have at least 15 vehicles in their fleet. The deal runs until December 31, 2023, so there’s still plenty of time to get to know the Cupra Formentor and then take advantage of a long-term lease on a proven car or an equally reliable Cupra Leon!

Promotion details can be found at – CUPRA in your fleet – VWFS.PL.