A new car to look at: Tesla Model Y Performance

A new car to look at: Tesla Model Y Performance

autograph A new car to look at: Tesla Model Y Performance

The Tesla Model Y Performance is the best-selling electric car in Germany

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Just get on board or change it right away? We review new cars – especially new electronic models. This time: Tesla Model y Performance

Get inside

Germany’s current best-selling electric car is simply pleasing to the eye, inside and out. Two buttons on the steering wheel and the display menu are enough for operation, and the glove compartment also opens thanks to the touch screen.


Digital forums range from the funny (“Mario Kart”) to the ridiculous (whohoopee river!). It never gets boring. Security mode sends images from external cameras to the mobile phone, which serves as a key. Fiends can be chased through loudspeakers.

The load

Nowhere else is it that easy, without a charging card or app. On the Tesla Supercharger, briefly hold the backlight plug, wait for the charging lid to open, plug in, done. 200 kilowatts pass for a short time, then the output decreases quickly.


The performance version accelerates to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds. Less power: automatic. On German autobahns, it simply sets its lane and distance from the vehicle in front. For safety, the steering wheel must be moved from time to time.


The German-made Model Y has a few points with the drive – because the range (up to 514 km) and charging times are also within reach of others. But it inspires with a lot of electricity and frequent updates. Price of the performance version: 60,990 euros.

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