A new retail concept: Audi wants to transform business into an experience

A new retail concept: Audi wants to transform business into an experience

Audi wants to focus more on customers in the business. The manufacturer has opened the first showroom based on the “Audi Progressive Retail” concept in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Distribution to international markets will take place in stages from the beginning of 2023, as the company announced in Ingolstadt on Thursday.

According to the car manufacturer, the welcoming architecture, digital features and more qualified product specialists (“Audi Specialists”) should ensure an “emotional and personal experience related to the product and the brand”. At the same time, the concept aims to present a way of thinking about the future of the four rings. “We are transforming our businesses into an experience space and an important partner within the Audi ecosystem,” said Hildegard Wortmann, Member of the Board of Sales.

No counter and no bar, instead a large table: From the moment they are greeted, guests should feel comfortable and welcome in the “Progress Showroom”. This also applies to the consulting islands, which are connected to the open exhibition space with high-quality furniture and skylights.

Audi has detailed various equipment features. These include a model exhibition platform and a consultation lounge. The digital touches are meant to show what the manufacturer’s ecosystem is in store beyond the driving experience. In addition, there are already popular tools and services such as remote 3D consulting for the complete customer journey.

Implementation: seasonal and optional

With a view to the global launch starting next year, Audi stressed that the ongoing retail concept will be implemented in the future in new buildings with “seasonal and voluntary” conversions. Marketing can play with “materials, colors and contrasts to feel the product, but also the brand”.