A new Rolls-Royce generator is expected to support space electrification

A new Rolls-Royce generator is expected to support space electrification

Rolls-Royce boasted about its new turbo generator. For now, its testing will continue, but it is well on its way to revolutionizing electric space

These types of announcements are very important for the general state of the atmosphere, because it is the only type of transport that has difficulty changing to a zero-emission nature, and even more, to rely on 100% batteries. Currently, the only things companies pushing these solutions can afford are either using expensive and scarcely produced sustainable aviation fuels, or operating short-haul flights with fewer passengers on board.

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The current state of technology shows that although there are opportunities to introduce electronic aviation to urban areas, those of other countries, and even those that cross continents, they are still far away. So what can be done to make them free from fossil fuels? The answer to this question is given by Rolls-Royce, according to which the new turbo generator is “suitable for the use of permanent aviation fuel”, providing an electric hybrid drive.

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Thanks to the turbo generator, Rolls-Royce found a way to combine the areas of electricity and propulsion in one engine. The result of the work of this company is a fully integrated design, which means that all the components of the system, such as the gas turbine, generator and electric power, are in one module, creating a strong and light engine. On the one hand, it can burn said Sustainable Fuel (SAF), and on the other hand, hydrogen.

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Application? Direct power supply to propellers or power generation to on-board batteries. In practice, therefore, in both cases, the turbo generator can be used to increase the variety of aircraft or increase the maximum take-off weight, which will contribute to the development of electric air mobility. Equally important, this new Rolls-Royce turbo generator can be reduced from 500 kW to 1,200 kW, greatly increasing the possibility of its implementation in various applications.