A new season in After Ego.  “We focus on the diversity of music”

A new season in After Ego. “We focus on the diversity of music”

Every weekend, After Ego organizes events in various styles. Here you can see and hear freestyle duets, rock and metal bands, DJs playing electronic music of various genres. This is one of the few alternative clubs on the map of Szczecin.

The After Ego club has been operating since 2019 and although it was well received by the residents of Szczecin, two years of the pandemic unfortunately reduced its activities. Now – after this difficult time – this place comes again with its surprise and skill. So let’s look at the address ul. Stefana Batorego 4 (former club Alter Ego, Czerwony Ratusz).

– We want to show an alternative to popular styles in music clubs. They have a universal and common style, which we try to avoid – explains Patryk “Rat Milk”. – We focus on the diversity of music, so in After Ego you will be able to hear live music in the form of concerts and jam sessions, electronic club equipment, and hip-hop – he adds.

What’s on Friday and what’s on Saturday?

People who visit the After Ego club on the first Friday of the month (when the PPM event will take place) will hear dance music in the style of, for example, Mloko, Chemical Brothers or James Brown, that’s good known numbers. Other Fridays there are events and concerts, such as hip-hop, funk and soul. Therefore, the days starting on the weekend are very different.

Saturday, on the other hand, will certainly attract fans of electronic music, you can expect various DJ sets. Usually it will be house mixed with techno, but there will also be parties for fans of broken beats.

After Ego and the Academy of Arts

– We want to promote different types of music and art here. We are currently in talks with the self-governing government of the Academy of Arts about establishing a permanent partnership. The first party has already been arranged. If everything goes as planned, such events will be organized regularly – informs Patryk Panya Maziwa, co-owner of the premises. – We want to work in collaboration with the College. Students with his ID will be able to count on cheap tickets for every event held at After Ego – he adds.

In collaboration with the students of the Academy of Arts, After Ego will organize exhibitions, film screenings and, of course, concerts.

– Musicians who perform in our club appreciate the good acoustics of this place, and guests appreciate the quality of the sound system. The concerts are unique because of their intimate atmosphere – reports Patryk Rats Milk

After the disaster, the buildings were renovated. A new garden was created with beautiful seats, greenery and skylights. One extra room is planned – this is our birthday surprise! Low tables and pouffes were replaced with more beautiful furniture.

After Ego owners are open to various types of cooperation, including non-commercial ones. Anyone looking for this type of space is welcome there. They want this place to have a lot of life, so during the week concerts of small artists can also be organized there. The club will host exhibitions, independent film screenings, music workshops and other events.

At After Ego, guests also have the chance to discover new sounds and expand their musical horizons. Going to a rock band concert followed by an electronic night party, you can stay there for free. This is a great opportunity, especially for those who have not been convinced of a specific genre so far. It is possible that due to this possibility, they will change their mind.

What events will happen soon?

Already this Friday (October 7), the band Rat Kru will perform at After Ego, which is famous for giving a really energetic show: so that guests can expect dancing, singing, amazing costumes, thought-provoking texts and great interaction with. the audience. After the concert – as part of the party, the RaveRiver team will be serving DnB music. You can come to both events (ticket costs PLN 40) or just the additional event (ticket costs PLN 20).

In the middle of the month – October 15 – the third birthday of the After Ego club will take place. After all, they will be able to be fully celebrated, as the previous editions were greatly reduced by this epidemic or did not take place at all. The stars of the evening will be played by SoKool and Creamy, a DJ and duo from Berlin, and their support will be people associated with the club, namely Panya Milk, Thom Logic, Yazza, Cetlot from the Psy West Crew team.

– Residents of the Golden Gate club will dance at the Halloween party. They have a recognized series of events that have been going on for many years, called Golden Times, and this time they decided to present themselves in Szczecin – informs the co-owner of After Ego.

In addition, on October 22, Planet Bass in collaboration with Berlin’s Ostfunk are organizing a big event. An outdoor tent will be added for participants to ensure more freedom and comfort. Lovers of good music and fun should reserve their time on this day!

Definitely worth checking out the page Facebook and Instagram After Ego, where information about upcoming events is shared. Every week there are concerts and parties with different music, so everyone will definitely find something for them. In the club, you can also enjoy original drinks and shots, which are prepared from high quality natural ingredients. There you can meet interesting people, talk freely, spend time in the recently renovated park and enjoy other attractions.