A new version based on an old recipe: the New 2024 Subaru Impreza

A new version based on an old recipe: the New 2024 Subaru Impreza

Auto News A new version based on an old recipe

New 2024 Subaru Impreza

New 2024 Subaru Impreza - A new version based on the old recipe

A new version of the Subaru Impreza will also be launched in Germany in early 2024.

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The new Impreza has been available in the US for some time now. Next year he will come to us too. Other things will change then. At its core, however, the Impreza remains true to itself.

SPX/Pachfurth. Subaru will launch the sixth version of its compact Impreza series at the beginning of 2024. Despite the officially announced generation change: the Impreza remains the same. However, considering the total changes and real developments, the term “facelift” would be an understatement.

In any case, you have to look closely to understand the Impreza as new on the outside. The proportions remain largely unchanged, the new version is slightly taller and taller. The new features are the three-sided front styling with small LED light units, a new design for the radiator grille and revised air slots in the lower front apron. The dual taillights are also more sophisticated than their predecessor.

The most important innovation in the interior is the 11.6-inch touchscreen in graphic design in the center of the center console. Previously there was a small touch screen and another information display in the middle of the dashboard. In the future, almost everything will be placed on an Ultra HD screen. Vehicle functions such as assistance systems and automatic climate control are also controlled via the touchscreen. The previous physical barriers to climate technology are no longer needed. Android Auto or Apple Carplay can now also be connected wirelessly. New is the optional navigation system and the “what3words” function, where the world map is divided into 3×3 meter dots, each of which has a unique name made up of three words.

As before, the new Impreza uses Subaru’s Eyesight assistive technology, whose cluster of sensors above the windshield continues to rely on the camera. Adaptive cruise control can also interpret traffic signs and, for example, automatically adjust speed to applicable limits. Also new is an extended blind spot radar and emergency steering system. There is also a warning about children accidentally left behind.

Subaru Germany has reduced the engine range to a two-liter boxer engine with electric assistance. To reduce its emissions, the output was reduced to 110 kW/136 hp. The integrated electric motor with 12 kW/17 hp continues to provide assistance in the continuously variable CVT transmission. Like the old Impreza e-Boxer, it even allows electric driving for short periods of time. However, the 1.6 ton truck is not very exciting or fast. Sprint to 100 km / h takes 10.6 seconds, and a maximum of 199 km / h is possible. All-wheel drive is also standard. It can distribute power in different ways; in normal operation, 60 percent of the power goes to the front axle. Despite the reduction of a tenth of a litre, consumption remains the Achilles heel of the boxer drive system at 7.3 liters despite direct petrol injection and hybridisation.

Thanks to its reinforced basic structure and balanced steering, the Impreza offers an excellent driving experience. In addition, the car has become more comfortable and quiet. The boxer’s voice moves deeper into the background than before.

Even in the basic version, the Impreza is well equipped. On board, among other things, automatic transmission, cruise control, dual-zone automatic climate control, 11.6-inch touchscreen and 17-inch aluminum wheels. Subaru has not yet announced the prices of the Impreza, which will be officially launched in Germany on January 27, 2024. They should consider the predecessor. Recently, the Impreza 2.0ie cost more than 32,000 euros.