A Range Rover driver drove at 200mph on the motorway in a fatal crash in Elshout

A Range Rover driver drove at 200mph on the motorway in a fatal crash in Elshout

A mysterious vehicle involving a Range Rover apparently driven by drug offenders caused a fatal crash on the A59 near Elshout on Saturday evening. The highway, which was closed until Sunday morning, was full of chicken meat.

The Range Rover beat the truck on the hard shoulder at more than 200 km/h. Then this car went directly in front of the truck and entered the guardrail. The truck driver tried to avoid the car, but his car hit a knife and overturned. A load of chicken legs ended up on the road surface due to the accident.

The truck driver and his wife who accompanied him were taken to hospital with injuries. The driver of the Range Rover, which was newly registered earlier that day, and his co-driver were arrested and taken to hospital with injuries. Prohibited substances were found in the Range Rover.

The police have confirmed that the black car was traveling at more than 200 kilometers per hour. This black Range Rover was registered the same evening at 5:56 pm, according to RDW.

A truckload of frozen chicken feet. The truck was badly damaged in the accident. There were two men in the black car, both of whom were taken to hospital. Officers were taken to the hospital because these people were arrested. The vehicle is also believed to contain prohibited substances. The police cannot say more about this yet.

Around 1 am the Range Rover was returned to two wheels. The car was then removed by a salvage company. The truck was also lifted. A crane truck collected chicken packages on the road. It took at least two tractors to remove all the chicken legs. Meanwhile, traffic towards Den Bosch had to drive through the hard shoulder.

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