A smart bathroom scale that can do more than you think

A smart bathroom scale that can do more than you think

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In this guide you will find information about bathroom scales:

XIAOMI Mi Smart Scale 2

One of the most popular bathroom scales with good functionality at the moment is the Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2. This bathroom scale looks great, because it is made in a minimalist style. The high and durable sensor weighs with an accuracy of 50 g. This means that even small snacks will affect the measurements. All measured indicators can be monitored in the Mi app. In it, we find clear charts that help interpret progress. The level remembers up to 16 people, but also has guest mode. Taking into account height, age, BMI and other data, Mi Smart Scale 2 determines the ideal weight for a certain body type. An interesting fact is the possibility of doing a physical fitness test on a scale.


Popular bathroom scales include the Beurer BF 720. It costs twice as much as Xiaomi, but has impressive features. The device remembers eight users. The scale is controlled via a mobile app, so everyone can access their smartphone scale measurements. Beurer measures indicators such as bone, muscle, fat and body water. It also calculates the user’s energy requirements and active metabolic index, which is the total energy requirement including exercise and physical activity.

GARMIN Index S2 010-02294-12

Manufacturers of sports smartwatches and other devices used to analyze training sessions also typically offer advanced scales. One such example is Garmin and its Index S2 device. As usual, the scale records data on the water, fat, muscle and actual bone content of the body. It also monitors the level of fluid in the body. All measurements are available in the Garmin Connect app, and the scale can be used by as many as 16 different users. Interestingly, the Garmin Index S2 also has a weather widget that allows you to plan your day more efficiently. Available with other information on a small high-resolution color display.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro

The weight of the Huawei Scale 3 in the Pro version is very impressive (there is also a cheaper, standard version). Its biggest advantage over competitors from this list is the double cycle of measurements from eight measuring electrodes, which also communicate with the hands. As a result, it provides detailed information on the structure of the entire body. Huawei Zdrowie weight app analyzes up to 22 indicators (weight, BMI, heart rate, skeletal muscle thickness, body fat content, body water content, lean body mass, visceral fat level, basic metabolism , protein and bone mineral content) and provides detailed reports.


Last but not least, we also present bathroom scales that are reasonably priced and with useful functionality. It allows you to control the amount of fat, bone and muscle tissue, as well as the body’s need for water. The scale will also calculate caloric needs. All data is available on the mobile app with an alarm function, which reminds you to measure yourself. Eight users can save their results, so it is enough for all members of the household. The clear LCD display built into the scale shows the weight measurement with an accuracy of 100 g in the range from 0 to 180 kg.